So, a little bit about me … I love nachos. Taking down a huge plate of them is comfort food eating at its finest. And, as you’ll read below, I’m an equal opportunity nacho-eater. I don’t care if the chips are individually dressed or if it’s a trough of tortilla chips topped with everything imaginable. Below are my 5 Favorite Nachos in the Little Rock Area.

Heights Taco & Tamale Co.

HTT offers three versions of their beautifully presented skillet nachos, which include pulled pork, fajita, and smokey bean. I love the Smokey Bean Nacho Skillet, a very straightforward meal starter of tortilla chips, a heavy hand of Jack and cheddar cheese, and nice dollops of guac and sour cream, along with the namesake, those wildly addictive smokey beans. The actual skillet keeps the chips hot and crispy. These are dynamite nachos … especially with a frozen mojito.

Flyway Brewing

Even though Flyway continues to expand their menu, I always find myself ordering the nachos, specifically, the duck confit. Flyway has mastered the individual nacho, which is no small feat in my eyes. The key? I think it’s the thick layer of cheese on each chip. And sure, the duck is delicious, but the magic comes after you top each chip with some of the accompanying pickled jalapenos and relish. The spicy carrots are also excellent.



Canon Grill

Stay with me for a sec. I know Canon Grill doesn’t have the best reputation for its amazing eats, but sometimes the heart just wants what it wants. And thick tortilla chips topped with cheese, a layer of chunky refried beans, and chopped chicken breast meat is what my heart wants. Add to it a dab of sour cream and guac and you’ve got yourself some pure nacho magic. The thicker chips are critically important.

Canon Grill

El Palenque

This is a total gut bomb, so you’d be wise to share these chicken nachos with another human. I love messy nachos and these are the king of messy nachos. El Palenque gives you a pile of chips and then tops it with everything they have in the kitchen … chicken, cheese sauce, cilantro, jalapenos, grilled onions, and chopped tomatoes. Hungry yet? The all-stars of the plate are the cheese-drenched chips at the very bottom. Those chips are what dreams are made of.

El Palenque

Baja Grill

Baja Grill is a Cali-Mex restaurant with a menu full of fun tacos like the Pig Sooie, Honey Chipotle, and Cuban. All of these can also be converted to burritos, quesadillas, and, you guessed it … nachos. The Cuban Nachos, comprised of smoked, shredded pork, chipotle aioli, sour orange red cabbage and jicama slaw, queso, and avocado, represents absolute nacho nirvana. It’s a massive plate of food, best split between 2-4 people. The combination of sweet, sour, and smokey flavors, along with tender pieces of pork, make these the best nachos in Little Rock. Be sure to get a side of acid sauce for some added heat.

Baja Grill

And one to groan on…


I’m firmly convinced that someone at Maddie’s Place literally scraped all of the food from the countertop onto a pile of tortilla chips one night and sold it as an appetizer. These nachos are pretty much an insane guilty pleasure. Thin chips are piled high with pork, pickles, cheddar, sour cream, red and green onion, and bbq sauce. After about 10 minutes, it’s all one big, heavenly mushy mess.

Maddie’s Place


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