I don’t go out for breakfast a lot, but when I do, these are my three favorite menu items in the Little Rock area. And remember, I’m talking about breakfast here, not brunch. Finally, I wish we had more breakfast options in town, but that’s a post for another day.

Pancakes at At the Corner

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe this is a family recipe. These pancakes at At the Corner are amazing … and I’m not even a pancake guy. Here’s the menu description: “House pancakes topped w/ fruit & served w/ bacon, Canadian maple syrup & Arkansas honey butter.” Enough said. But I’ll say a little more. These lean on the fluffier side, but not crazy fluffy, with the little mini pancake on top is a nice touch. Every now and then I get a serious pancake craving, and these, along with The Root’s and Blvd’s, are all excellent. BTW, the Dutchman Burrito is also a wonderful option.

Available: Tuesday-Friday, opens at 7am

Chicken Biscuit Sandwich at Gadwall’s Grill

My love affair with Gadwall’s is a new one, but the passion is strong, nonetheless. The chicken biscuit sandwich includes a thin piece of fried chicken and an over-easy egg (your call on the egg preparation). The biscuit is as traditional as it comes–mild tasting, slightly firm to the bite, and buttery. If you’re not in the mood for chicken, bacon, obviously, is also a winning choice. The accompanying side of shredded hash browns is also delicious … because they are hash browns.

Available: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7am-10:30am

Chicken Biscuit at Gadwall’s Grill

Biscuits and Gravy at The Root

Biscuits and gravy might as well be on the Arkansas state flag. We adore this dish, along with cheese dip and fried catfish. Sorry, I almost got off track. Back to the biscuits and gravy. Good luck finding a better restaurant version than The Root’s. For $7, you get two farm fresh eggs with a buttermilk biscuit … all covered in homemade sausage gravy. It’s a caloric nightmare that’s sure to please.

Available: Tuesday-Friday (opens at 7am); Saturday (8am); Sunday (9am)

Biscuits & Gravy at The Root

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Greg August 16, 2017 at 10:33 am

do you miss breakfast tacos?

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