With the holidays upon us, I thought it would be nice time to highlight some of my favorite bars in the Little Rock area. When it comes to bars, I think it’s more about whether a place can serve a great cocktail or has a nice selection of beer and wine. Do I like the atmosphere? Am I comfortable in the space? How about a personable bartender? All of these factors play a part in where I enjoy grabbing a drink. In no particular order, here are My 15 Favorite Bars in Little Rock.

Flyway Brewing Co.

There are no cocktails at Flyway but beer lovers would be hard-pressed to find a better setting in the area. If you like that neighborhood Cheer’s vibe, then Flyway’s bar is the place for you. I promise that some of the conversations you’ll strike up with bar mates while crushing a Free Range and some Duck Confit Nachos will be quite memorable.

Beer at Flyway


Folks that follow this blog on a regular basis know that I love me some Trio’s. Full disclosure, my kid works there and I’m close with the owners. All that aside, I really enjoy sitting across from the bar at one of the two-top tables and asking Merrick to make me a drink. He’s one of our best bartenders in town and is very creative.

Sparks at Trio’s

South on Main

I absolutely love sitting on the last seat at the end of the bar near the door (next to the wall). That’s probably more details than you care to know, but my point is I always feel very comfortable at South on Main’s bar with an Old Fashioned and an item or two from the bar menu.

South on Main

Big Orange Midtown

Big Orange Midtown’s bar is absolutely beautiful and has a really cool layout that allows you to see everyone sitting around it. The drinks are outstanding and the beer selection, given its ties to Lost Forty, is always plentiful.

Big Orange Midtown

Rock Town Distillery

I’m new to the Rock Town Distillery bar, but I was very impressed with my first visit. Great cocktails, personable bartenders, and a nice, long layout make this bar a winner. It’s also a good spot to take out-of-towners and have them try out an award-winning local product.

Rock Town Distillery

Proof Bar + Lounge

This is another bar that’s fairly new to the Little Rock scene. Hillcrest’s Proof Bar + Lounge offers a dark, laid back atmosphere just perfect for a pre or post-dinner drink. The beer selection is excellent and they have a nice selection of cocktails.


Capital Bar and Grill

CBG is probably our most classic and iconic bar in Little Rock. Simply put, it’s a bar’s bar … a place where you can get a true craft cocktail like The Southern Comfortable and even a little pimento cheese, if you so choose.


Raduno has one of our more underrated bars in town. This long bar sits right in the middle of the restaurant and is a perfect place to grab a beer and watch a ball game. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a better beer selection at any restaurant in town.

Petit & Keet

P&K has a couple bars, but the one I’m referring to is on the more casual side of the restaurant, where you’ll find a sophisticated sports bar setting. They always have a great team of bartenders and even wine experts on staff to answer questions or to make suggestions.

La Terraza

If you love mojitos, then just go to La Terraza and sit at the bar. Their hand-made concoctions are fantastic … and it really doesn’t matter which one you order. I’ve tried most of them and they are all good.

Mojito at La Terraza

42 bar and table

I give the folks at 42 a lot of credit for changing things up with the restaurant’s extensive redesign. It ended up being a hit and at the center of it all is a beautiful bar. If you’re looking for another spot to impress an out-of-town guest, 42 is an excellent option.

The New 42

The Pizzeria

Great drinks, knowledgeable bartenders, and just a laid back Heights’ setting all make The Pizzeria’s bar a winner. Seating is a little tight, but I mean that in a good way, as it offers a nice spot to easily strike up a conversation.

The Pantry Crest

Yes, it gets a little loud in The Pantry Crest. And yes, it can get a little cramped. But there’s such a fun, festive vibe at the bar, and with a rotating craft cocktail list and a good selection of local beer, TPC offers a little something for everyone.

Local Lime

Here’s yet another beautiful bar from the folks at Yellow Rocket. Local Lime seems like it really started the restaurant group’s focus on offering patrons a truly top-notch bar experience. And while the setting is beautiful, the main draw is the margarita, which is simply the best you’ll find in Little Rock.

Baja Grill

It’s small but there’s something I really like  about Baja Grill’s bar. The restaurant, in general, just has that warm, cozy, casual neighborhood vibe to it.  Also, the Mexican Coke and rum is a great drink to knock back while waiting on a to-go order.

And one to grow on…

Table 28

The best Happy Hour in Little Rock, when it’s still somewhat quiet and chill … and the food and drink specials are fantastic.

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