The 100 sandwiches were pulled directly from reader responses from a recent TMR Facebook question … with a few added by yours truly. It’s an amazing collection of sandwiches and really speaks to the wonderful options we have around town. I’ve yet to even try the majority of the sandwiches listed below. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Boulevard Bread Co.: Caprese, Vegan Hummus, Bialy with Smoked Salmon, Breakfast Sandwich, Pastrami, Balsamic Chicken Sandwich

Bray Gourmet: The Cold Cut

Bruno’s: Italian Roast Beef

Buffalo Grill: Grilled Chicken and The Club

Burge’s: Fried Catfish, Ham & Swiss, Smoked Turkey Salad, Turkey Melt

Capital Bar and Grill: The Cuban

Charlotte’s: Keo Klassic

Turkey Melt at Burge’s

Cheers in the Heights: Cream Cheese and Olive

Chicago Phillys and Gyros: Italian Beef

Community Bakery: Caprese

Crazy Mike’s: Shrimp Po’Boy

Dave’s Place: Daddy Vic, Dave’s Other Special, The Mark

Delicious Temptations: Grasshopper Pita

Diamond Bear: Cuban and The Fresno Club

District Fare: ABLT and Pastrami

Dizzy’s: Reuben and The Wedge

Dugan’s: Anaheim Turkey, BLT, Steak Sandwich

EJ’s: The Soprano

Flyway Brewing: Marinated Tofu Banh Mi

Grady’s: Muffuletta and Grinder

HB’s: Jumbo Chopped Beef

Izzy’s: Veggie Sandwich, Nutty Bird with Bacon,

Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches: Club Mex, My Hero, The Garden

Kris & Sam’s: Tuna Salad

La Terraza Rum & Lounge: Chicken Milanesa

Lost Forty: Cuban and House Smoked Turkey Reuben

Grinder at Grady’s

Maddie’s Place: Hamburger Po’Boy, Hot Sausage Po’Boy, and Fried Catfish Po’Boy

Markham Street Pub & Grill: The Club

Mike’s Café: Pork Banh Mi

Milford Track: The Club, Grilled Veggies, and Turkey Melt

Old Mill Bread: Chicken Salad on Cranberry Pecan and Roast Beef with Red Onion Marmalade

Paninis & Company: Reuben and The Vegan

Purple Cow: Pimento Cheese with Bacon

Raduno: Italian Beef

Rebel Kettle: Grilled Pastrami and Turkey Reuben

Reno’s: Cuban and Reece’s Turkey Wrap

Rocky’s (Hot Springs): Italian Beef

Samantha’s: Cuban

Scallions: Chicken Salad and The Club

Smoked Bologna at Sims BBQ

Sims BBQ: Rib Sandwich and Smoked Bologna

Skinny J’s: Fried Green Tomato BLT

South on Main: Hot Chicken Sandwich

Sports Page: Reuben

Sticky Fingers: The Killer

Stoby’s: Turkey Croissant

Taziki’s: Turkey & Egg

Terri-Lynn’s: French Dip, Reuben, The Coach, The Sharon

The Faded Rose: Chicken and Hot Pepper Cheese and Muffuletta

The Meteor Café: The Zell (turkey, Gruyere, sliced green apple and fig preserve)

The Oyster Bar: Catfish Po’Boy and Ham and Cheese Po’Boy

The Pantry: Cuban

The Root: Curried Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Spicy Banh Mi The Spicy Heinbockler

The Southern Gourmasian: Almond Crusted Chicken

The Vegan at Paninis & Company

Three Fold: Vegetarian Steamed Bun

Trio’s: Chicken Salad, The Duke of Windsor, The Works

Uncle T’s Food Mart: Super Sub

Vino’s: Deluxe

YaYa’s: Lobster Club