I love salads. They really aren’t that healthy most of the time, but I like to convince myself otherwise. Whatever the case, it’s often a fun personal challenge trying to find great salad options around town. Here are my 10 favs…

Thai Chop Salad with Steak at Big Orange

Here’s another salad that combines that sweet/salty/spicy combo I love oh so much. The dressing is insanely addictive but the real hit is the perfectly cooked steak they pile on top. I always ask for it medium rare and they never miss the mark. The Thai Chop is one of those salads that I wished fell on the “healthy” category, but, deep down, know it does not.


Peck Salad at Trio’s


Peck Salad at Trio’s

Speaking of awesome, unhealthy salads … it’s the Peck Salad at Trio’s. If you’ve lived in Little Rock for more than a minute, then you probably know the salad quite well. A plate of crisp lettuce is piled with chunks of bacon, roasted chicken, and toasted almonds. And I could drink a vat of the house vinaigrette.


Green Papaya Salad at kBird


Green Papaya Salad at Kbird

I’ve written about this salad countless times, so much so, that I really no longer even consider it a salad. It’s just a great dish. I’d even go so far as to say it’s my absolute favorite dish in Little Rock. The beauty is in the balance of flavors … sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. It’s all there. The papaya is super fresh and the crunchy crushed peanuts are the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Grilled Romaine Hearts at The Pantry

I feel like a vegetarian caveman eating this damn salad. It’s just a head of romaine split down the middle and served on a huge cutting board with a knife. The key is the slight char they put on the lettuce. The shaved Parm and creamy house-made Caesar dressing ain’t no jokes either.


Beet Salad at The Fold


Beet Salad at The Fold

If you hate beets, then you’ll hate this salad. BUT … if you love beets, like I do, The Fold’s Beet Salad will definitely hit the spot. Beets, along with red onion and avocado, rest on a bed of romaine and arugula. It’s all drizzled with a honey lime vinaigrette.


Chef Salad at Vino’s


Chef Salad at Vino’s

Snicker all you want, but this is a great salad. And very underrated. All they do is take some iceberg lettuce and pile it high with all of the wonderful pizza toppings, like mushrooms, broccoli, onions, and mozzarella. It’s only $6.25 and I suggest getting it with turkey and some lite ranch dressing.


Ensalada Del Sol at HTT


Ensalada Del Sol at Heights Taco & Tamale Co.

Doesn’t that name just roll off the tongue so well? Ensalada Del Sol is one of the few healthy menu items at HTT but it’s just as tasty as the rest of the menu. Grilled shrimp is the centerpiece but the sliced avocado and mango are what make this salad a must-order.


Soaked Salad at The Faded Rose


Rose’s Creole Soaked Salad at The Faded Rose

I’ve always given TFR a hard time for including those disgusting green olives, but even though it includes one of my most hated ingredients on the planet, I still love this salad. Maybe it’s because everything is doused in a wonderful vinaigrette.


Vietnamese Chicken Salad at ZAZA


Vietnamese Chicken Salad at ZAZA

I’ve eaten a lot of salad at ZAZA over the past five years and this one has proven to be my favorite. As I wrote earlier this week, “Fried wontons, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapenos, chicken, and a delicious honey chile vinaigrette all come together to form this wonderful sweet and spicy combination.”

Caesar Salad at Raduno

Sometimes you just want a classic Caesar salad and that’s exactly what Raduno delivers. It’s no-frills but every time I order this salad, I’m glad I did so. The classic dressing is impressive, but the fresh, crisp lettuce is what makes me order it again and again.

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EY June 16, 2017 at 11:16 am

I disagree with you on the Thai Chopped. It IS delicious. It IS colorful. It IS sweet/spicy. Where I disagree is your categorization that it’s not healthy. Yes, I get that ribeye is not the leanest cut of beef. How.ev.ah. Portion control on the ribeye is reasonable. The meat that is there is well-trimmed. There are a lot of vitamin-filled veggies (red peppers….hey there, how YOU doin?). The dressing is reasonable.

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