We all have our go-to grocery spots. From large to small, these stores are where we go for anything from fresh ginger to a case of Diet Coke. Below are my 10 Favorite Grocery Stores in Little Rock. While my visits range from twice a week at some stores to twice a year at others, just know that each store below holds a special place in my heart.

Whole Foods Market (501 S Bowman Rd)

Is it possible that this rendition of Whole Foods Little Rock is already three years old? Oh, how time flies. Make no mistake, by Whole Foods Market standards, this location on Bowman is pretty small and carries limited items, but it’s still a cool store with fun, yet often overpriced items. There’s a nice coffee bar and even a beer pub area for those folks who enjoy knocking back a few cold ones at a supermarket. For me, Whole Foods is where I get fish, bath salts for my kids, and an occasional specialty item or two.

Kroger Marketplace (16105 Chenal Pkwy B)

When we lived in WLR, this was our grocery store. It is massive and carries everything you need to get through this game called life. I was never happy with the produce section, but there’s no denying the sheer amount and selection of products throughout the store. There’s a coffee bar, a clothing section, and even a place to buy fancy diamond rings. What’s not to love? Hey, this one even has a gas station in the parking lot, which my current Kroger does not.

Kroger (1900 N Polk St)

Speaking of … Kroger in the Heights is now our grocery store du joir. Technically speaking, it’s about the same distance from our house as the Kroger on Markham and the Hillcrest Kroger (which is the size of a large closet), but I like the layout and offerings at this one, plus, the staff is super friendly. Yes, the parking lot is a fender bender waiting to happen and there’s no attached gas station, but Kroger in the Heights is an all around nice spot to call home.

K Oriental Store (303 Bowman Rd #320)

I love to cook Chinese food at the homestead, and K Oriental is the store I go to for all of the ingredients. It’s not big, but K Oriental carries everything I need, from frozen dumpling wrappers to bok choy to cilantro to fish sauce. I love how I can pop in and out in ten minutes and go about my day. It’s a no-frills store, but one that I’m super thankful exists. Also, this is the place for fresh ginger. The fresh ginger at Kroger always sucks.

K Hall & Sons Produce (1900 Wright Ave)

Truth be told, I mainly go to K Hall for the cheeseburgers and fried pork chop sandwiches, but there’s no denying the charm of the market area. Fresh produce and a sizeable selection of frozen meats are just a few of the highlights at K Hall.

Bacon Cheeseburger at K Hall

Indian Grocers (11121 N Rodney Parham Rd)

Indian Grocers is a great store but, unfortunately,  I don’t go that often because there’s not much Indian food being cooked at home. Thanks kids. When they go off to college, I could see myself really diving into this cuisine, making visits to Indian Grocers a regular occurrence.

Del Campo a la Ciudad (6500 S University Ave)

I love me a grocery store that doubles as a restaurant and Del Campo a la Ciudad fits the bill. It’s a fairly small market, but has everything you need. There’s a even solid meat counter, but the big draw is the taqueria in the back where they’re making some of the very best tacos in Little Rock. What makes these tacos so darn good? Fresh, made-to-order corn tortillas. You’re welcome.

Tacos at Del Campo

El Torito (303 S Bowman Rd # 310)

I recently wrote about El Torito, the tiny market that has a little of everything. There are Mexican pastries, a meat counter, an ice cream bar, fresh produce, and yes, even a wonderful taqueria on the side. El Torito literally has everything you need to live a very happy life. I’m a simple man, and the awesomeness of churros, marinated beef fajita meat, and al pastor tacos tend to put a smile on my face. And guess what? El Torito is right next door to K Oriental! Bonus!

The Fresh Market (11525 Cantrell Rd #800)

I’ve only recently gotten into The Fresh Market, the store that’s like a smaller, toned down version of Whole Foods. The out-of-the-way location prohibited me from going in the past, but with our move, I now routinely find myself there for specialty items like fresh fish, corned beef, and rye bread. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make The Fresh Market a nice spot to spend 20 minutes.

Tuna at The Fresh Market

Edward’s Food Giant (7507 Cantrell Rd)

I love Edward’s Food Giant on Cantrell. Not to go all Arby’s on you, but “They Have the Meats!” Seriously, is there a better meat counter in all of Little Rock? Heck no! The combination of quality meat at reasonable prices, along with a knowledgeable staff, make Edward’s an absolute gem. As grocery stores go, Edward’s is fairly small, and yes, the prices on everything non-meat related are a little high, but I still like to pop in for various items. For some reason, I just like to spend my money at Edward’s. It still has that mom-and-pop feel to it. Plus, there’s a Chester’s Chicken inside the store, so there’s that.

Meat Counter at Edward’s

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