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What Ales You?: Top 5 Beers

What Ales You?: Top 5 Beers
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Monthly Feature
Wayne and Leah bring you their monthly take on beer!

Greetings TMR readers! We decided to do something a little different this month, rather than the both of us reviewing one beer, we decided to give our “Top 5” beers. Are these our top five of all time? Did we use any kind of objective scale and criteria to reach these decisions? The answer to both of the previous questions is no, we did not. This is simply based upon our experience in the recent past, we could taste a brew in the near future that might supplant one of the five listed below.

Wayne’s Top 5
I will preface by saying, again, that this list is based upon my feeling right now. All of the top 5 below are great beers and given the day, could be interchangeable on my list.

1. Kona Longboard Lager: I tried this Hawaiian gem last Halloween. We had a party and somebody left Longboard Lager in our refrigerator. Very very smooth, light and tasty. This is a good solid all around beer that I think can be enjoyed all year round and could go with just about anything.

2. Magic Hat #9:  Discovered this one several years ago at a hotel bar outside of Philly, while on a work trip. Very unusual but compelling taste. The Magic Hat brewery usually puts out a qualify product and I am most familiar with this. Great smell that matches the lightly floral and fruity taste. Not too strong on the hops, but just enough. Very enjoyable beer.

3. Pabst Blue Ribbon:  An American Classic! I know that some people turn their noses up at American mass produced beers such as Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Coors etc.., however, PBR is a favorite.

4. Dos Equis XX Lager: The green bottle! Other than having really cool commercials, Dos Equis is a solid beer. In my estimation, it used to be that Heineken held the top spot for the most popular import to American drinkers and although I don’t have any numbers to support this, just my taste buds, Dos Equis has supplanted Heineken. It’s a good all around beer, that can best be enjoyed anytime. It had been some time before I had Dos Equis and the first time I did, after that hiatus, I was very surprised just how tasty and smooth it was.

5. Lindeman’s Lambic (framboise):  We reviewed this one before and while it’s a very specialized beer, best enjoyed with a dessert due to its fruitiness, it was still amazing the first time I tasted it and it remains a favorite of mine. You definitely couldn’t drink more than one in a sitting, but the unique taste must be represented in my top five.

Leah’s Top 5
1. Hitachino Nest White Ale:  This Japanese beer has been hard to find, but love it for its light yet full crisp citrus-ey flavor. It’s cloudy like wheat beers, but definitely needs no orange. Also, can’t get over how cute the bottle is!

2. St. Arnold’s Spring Bock:  I haven’t had it in forever given our current proximity to Texas and that its seasonal, but I swear I can taste flowers when I drink it.

3. Lindeman’s Lambic (framboise):  I agree with Wayne. Its sweet but not too sweet, gorgeous in color and the perfect accompaniment to a rich dessert or a cheese tray- especially one that is heavy on blue or goat.

4. Duvel: I challenge anyone to find a better beer to drink on a cold fall day at our old favorite Rudyard’s. Recommend you get the burger and tater tots with cheese.

5. Coors Light: The silver bullet will always have a place in my heart. Its very refreshing flavor is great with any salty food and the brewery is legitimately in the mountains of Colorado…well technically the foothills I think…whatever.

So those are our top 5’s, feel free to comment on some that you want us to try… or add your top 5.

*Source: Magic Hat Image, Duvel Image