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Vegetarian View: Jus’ Mac

Monthly Feature
Molly gives us a peek at a restaurant through the eyes of a vegetarian.

Overall Vegetarian Selection: (5) Stars
Since Jus’ Mac serves only macaroni and cheese, I had a pretty good notion there would be a decent selection of vegetarian menu items. Seven out of the 17 unique mac and cheese dishes were vegetarian. So many choices I had a difficult time ordering! For appetizers the menu also offered fried mac and cheese balls, fried mac and cheese rolls and mac and cheese soup. This mac and cheese soup sounds very interesting. I didn’t see anyone eating it…maybe I will get it next time.

Ordered Dish: (4) Stars
I ordered The Puebla mac and cheese which consisted of roasted poblano peppers and Swiss cheese. The dish was brought out in a mini cast iron skillet with a heaping mound of fresh bread crumbs. The Puebla is priced at $7.95 and I felt I got my money’s worth in the amount of pasta piled in. This dish was very flavorful. The Swiss cheese was a nice alternative and the roasted poblano was a perfect amount. My only gripe was the dish could have been served warmer. Don’t get me wrong, it was warm when ate it, but it could have been hotter. That would have accented the gooey cheese a bit more. Maybe I will chalk this up to new restaurant timing woes and it will be better next time. The temperature of my dish is why I gave four stars instead of five.

Healthy Rating: (1) Star
The Puebla mac and cheese dish was not healthy – at all. Actually while I was eating, I mentioned to my friend I wondered how many fat and calories were in our food and she quickly whispered back “just don’t even think about it.” Maybe I got some calcium and a little protein from the cheese? But that is about it. Now from a running standpoint the pasta is helpful but that is neither here nor there because it was pretty high in fat.

Overall Opinion: (4.5) Stars
Considering I went on day three of business during their soft opening and limited business hours, I think the place is running pretty smoothly. My disclaimer to this is Jus Mac opened at 6 pm the day I went and I was waiting in line at the door at 5:55 pm along with other mac and cheese aficionados. Because I got there right when they opened, there was not any extreme wait on my food and no parking problems either. I will say the adjacent parking lot is super small and I am not sure what area street parking is like. The building Jus’ Mac is in used to be a coffee house so the inside is small and seats up to 47 people.

Final Verdict: After months and months of waiting for this place to open, Jus Mac has won my heart and I will be back. I can’t wait to eat here when the weather gets “Houston cold.” What is better than warm mac and cheese on a cold, blustery day?

2617 Yale, 77008