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Is Trader Joe’s Worth the Excitement?

Is Trader Joe’s Worth the Excitement?
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Well played, Mr. Mayor.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets Little Rockansans as riled up more than the subject of Trader Joe’s.

Not even cheese dip. Well, maybe cheese dip.

So yesterday’s news that Mayor Stodola is seeking a meeting to discuss Trader Joe’s possibly coming to Little Rock got a lot of folks in these parts quite giddy. Listen, I get it. Trader Joe’s is a very cool store. It’s filled with a bunch of reasonably-priced, fun, tasty items that you just don’t see in other grocers.

But is it such an amazing place as to warrant extreme excitement? I maintain that it is not.

And I can only base my opinion from the past experience of living a few blocks from a Trader Joe’s six years ago in Boston. Yes, it had some awesome items, like the Maple Leaf Cookies or the Dark Chocolate Mini Peanut Butter Cups or the assortment of dehydrated veggies or a second-to-none frozen food section or inexpensive wine, but, truth be told, I always viewed it as a specialty store.

I mean … how often does a grown man need to be eating a box of delectable chocolate peanut butter cups? Maybe once a quarter? Less?

My point is this … yes, getting a Trader Joe’s in Little Rock would be great, but in my opinion, it wouldn’t be earth-shattering. It would be a wonderful addition to our food scene, and although I’m pessimistic we’ll ever get one, I’m certainly hopeful we eventually do.

What are your thoughts?