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Top 20 Restaurants Continued: #3 El Siboney (Key West, FL)

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#3 El Siboney Key West, FL

This is the finest Cuban food in the United States. Let me know if you find one better…I’ll fill you in on a little secret…you won’t. My brother-in-law Scott found this restaurant with his trusty Blackberry on a day-trip to Key West. Thank you Scott. Getting down to Key West takes a little time. But a visit to El Siboney is as special as the drive itself. El Siboney is located a few blocks off the beaten path (which is always a good thing) in touristy Key West. It’s won every food award in the area. I recommend trying as many dishes as you can. If you go with a big party and everyone is cool with sharing, this is definitely the way to go. Our table started out with sliced avocado and yuca. The avocados in this part of the country are enormous and have such a buttery flavor. Roasted pork, vaca frita (shredded beef), Cuban sandwiches, plantains…I could go on and on. The plantains were sweet like candy and went with just about every dish. The shredded beef was extra crispy and went quite well with black beans. There’s Cuban roast beef on the menu…that would have been my choice with a second visit. No one in our party got seafood, but butterfly yellowtail and grilled mahi-mahi don’t sound bad. I truly miss El Siboney.