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The Junkie: Fatty Goes Jumbaco

The Junkie: Fatty Goes Jumbaco
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Monthly Feature
Fatty is back, delving into the world of fast food!

For those unaware, Jack in the Box has been running this viral commercial about a fake creation called the “Jumbaco.” It’s a catchy enough slogan and the song tends to stick into your head like glue. The gist is that you take a taco and apply one to the top and bottom of your burger; similar to what KFC did with chicken patties a couple years ago. It’s a fun novelty concept, regardless of whether it is actually good or not.

But I have always been a fan of adding the unusual. Have you ever added Frito’s to a sandwich? It is breathtaking. So I was intrigued. I’ve always loved the tacos, but hated the Jumbo Jack. My thoughts on my visit were no different. The entire thing fell flat. The tacos on their own are fine, but added to a crap sandwich they just made the final product lackluster at best. It wasn’t Gawd-awful, but I would never recommend it to anyone.

Oh dear!

And still, the concept still seemed like it might work. And with that in mind, I headed out to two places that I think do both foods well (and they happened to be within walking distance in Midtown.) I made a gourmet Jumbaco with two tacos from Cyclone Anaya’s with a cheeseburger from Christian’s Tailgate.

First off, the coolness factor was obvious. I felt like I was the host of ‘Man vs. Food.’ People kept coming over to ask about it. I even had one say ‘I can’t stop looking at it.’ It was indeed an awesome sight. So awesome, in fact, that it proved impossible to eat in its entirety, so I had to settle for eating the burger with one taco at a time.

This, in my opinion, proved to be the better choice. Much like I enjoy Frito’s on my sandwiches, the one crispy taco and seasoned meat added a new dimension to an already great burger. Had I had to try both tacos with the burger it would have been overload. I was very happy I decided to throw these together. And oddly enough, one taco tends to go perfectly with half of a Tailgate sandwich, so I was able to technically eat the Jumbaco; just not in the way originally conceived.

Pure Insanity

The one downside? This was one expensive proposal. This turned out to be around $16 when all was said and done. That said, I know both places. If this ever did become a thing, I guarantee both would accommodate.

So my opinion? Screw the JITB version and go gourmet like I did. It really does turn heads and, believe it or not, was pretty damn good. Jumbaco! Jumbaco! Jumbaco!

*Editor’s Note: TMR gives a tip of the cap to Fatty and his act of culinary bravery.