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Test Kitchen: Overnight Caramel French Toast

Test Kitchen: Overnight Caramel French Toast
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Saturdays are for testing out recipes and giving you the skinny. Each recipe comes from a food blogger from around the country. This week’s recipe comes from Eat. Drink. Smile.

The Ease
This is not your mama’s French toast! Well, maybe it is, I don’t really know your mama. But it wasn’t my mom’s French toast. And that’s no disrespect to either version. I grew up on dipping bread in egg, then frying, then dosing with sugar. Beth’s methods are far different, but yield an amazing finished product. Making the sauce takes about five minutes. While that’s going, just slice the bread and mix the remaining ingredients in another bowl. Pour caramel sauce in a sprayed 13X9, add bread, and pour in egg mixture. Cover, throw in fridge all night. Wake your lazy @ss up, and put dish in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes.

The Taste
This dish is so good it may make you slap your mama. Seriously, it’s awesome. Very gooey, but has a nice crust from the sugar/cinnamon topping. I’ve never been a huge fan of French toast (because of the dryness), but I am of this recipe. Great for breakfast or especially brunch.

The Verdict
Winner. Just make it, you’ll see. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Why you should go to this site…
I’ve been a big advocate of the Nashville food blogging community, and Beth is the Queen of Nashville food bloggers. Her site has it all–giveaways, recipes, reviews, and on and on! The layout is clean/concise and she even has a super sweet look-away picture next to her title.