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Test Kitchen: Baked Flounder with Bacon

Test Kitchen: Baked Flounder with Bacon
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On Saturdays, we try out a recipe from a fellow food blogger from around the country. Check out Delicious Dishings!

Do you like fish?  I do. It’s one of the many reasons why I enjoy residing in Boston.  Every Thursday (during the warm months), there’s a farmer’s market a few blocks from my apartment. I typically go to visit one stand…Cyndi the Fishlady.  If polygamy wasn’t frowned upon, I’d wed Cyndi the Fishlady.  We’d all eat fresh fish each day and be merry. But this ain’t Utah, so I usually just get my 1.5 pounds and go on my way.

This brings me to Delicious Dishings.  I was clicking through her wonderful blog when I stumbled upon this slightly different fish recipe.  It was a perfect match…this week I was craving some flounder.

Flounder is such an underrated fish. It’s mild, delicate, and fairly inexpensive.  Think of it as a much better version of tilapia. On to the recipe…

You will LOVE this one–so simple and of course, tasty!  But I did make a few minor modifications.  I cut the amount of bacon and butter in half.  This allowed the fresh flounder to be the star, while making the dish less artery-clogging.  I especially enjoyed the combination of  lemon juice, butter and fresh parsley.

From start to finish, the flounder took me about 30 minutes.  I made a slight misstep by not browning the bacon long enough, but this didn’t detract much from the dish. Also, I only had to use one pan, so the clean-up was easy.

Both the blog and the fish are keepers!