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Test Kitchen: The Absolute Best Fried Vidalia Onion Rings

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Every Saturday I’ll try out a new recipe…you’ll see the good and the bad of it. I got the craving for some onion rings…went to a few sites and found this one.

The Absolute Best Fried Vidalia Onion Rings

Description: I like my rings super crispy. These turned out a little softer (breadier..is that a word?) than I favor due to the batter. I cut the onions pretty thick so they wouldn’t fall apart. Everything remained intact.

Recipe Difficulty (Scale of 1-10): 5
Anytime I fry something I deem it somewhat difficult. It always makes a mess and you better have that oil at the right temp. If you don’t….it’s gonna suck. The difficult aspect of this recipe is those darn rings fry up so fast…like a minute for each side. Getting a good dipping rotation going is essential. I guess another set of hands wouldn’t hurt.

How it turned out: Not bad
I know this isn’t a glowing endorsement, but it is what it is. They were tasty. I just like my rings extra crispy and this batter recipe just wasn’t going to allow that.

Would I make again: Probably not
If you favor this type of onion ring, this recipe is for you. It’s just not my style. I also have a problem when someone puts “Absolute Best” in the name of the recipe. They d*mn well better be the absolute best…and these aren’t. There’s a million ring recipes out there. I’ll probably seek another one if I get in the mood again.