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Buzz Word: Gumbo with Cheese Grits at Maddie’s Place


BUZZ WORD … each month a word is posted over on The Mighty Rib Facebook page, followed with a request for reader suggestions centered-around the term. One of the suggestions is randomly picked, dish is eaten, and a review is written.

This month’s BUZZ WORD was “cheese.”

The cheese grits at Maddie’s Place, suggested by Dc, was chosen, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I had recently stole a few bites of Maddie’s shrimp and grits and was more than delighted with the outcome.

Dc recommended I order a bowl of gumbo, but instead of the inclusion of the standard rice, ask for a scoop of cheese grits. Cheese grits … in gumbo?!? Never heard of it, but this is Buzz Word, and if you suggest it, I do it.

And here’s how the conversation went down with our server.

Me: “I would like the gumbo, but instead of rice, I’d like some cheese grits.”
Server: (pause…stares at me) “That can be done.”


Well, I honestly couldn’t be more delighted with the suggestion. Heck, I may never order gumbo any other way. The slightly spicy gumbo base had that classic burgundy/brownish hue, along with a deep richness imparted by the flavorful sausage. The creamy grits, once mixed into the gumbo, added a subtle coolness and thicker consistency to the dish. The chopped scallions on top were like icing on the cake.

Kudos, Dc … and thank you to everyone for all your suggestions!

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Buzz Word: Salpicão from Bossa Nova

2013-09-03 10.22.11This is a weekly feature designed to increase interaction among Little Rock foodies! I will post a “buzz word” on The Mighty Rib Facebook page. I will then ask for reader suggestions for one dish that includes the “buzz word” of the week. One is randomly picked, dish is eaten, review is written…all within a week’s time.

Our latest “buzz word” was chicken. Not surprisingly, we had several wonderful suggestions this time around. In the end, Ashli’s salpicão from Bossa Nova was randomly selected.

The gods must have been looking down on me for this one. The salpicão proved to not only be my favorite Buzz Word entry to date, but also one of my absolute best lunch dishes ever in Little Rock.

Yes, the salpicão was that good!

Do I usually spend $15.99 on a lunch entree? Hells no. Was the salpicão worth every penny? Absolutely.

Truthfully, this dish has way too much going on…which is typically something I detest in my meals. I generally prefer simple and fairly minimal ingredients. But the plethora of ingredients, textures, temperatures, and flavors are what make the salpicão successfully standout.

Cool, creamy chicken salad–loaded with shredded breast meat, sweet peas, and apples–lies on top of a bed of warm, fluffy white rice. It’s all topped with some wonderfully crunchy batata balha (potato sticks).

And I haven’t even gotten to the other half of the plate yet.

Yes, next to the chicken salad rests a delicious mista salad–comprised of greens, Mandarin oranges, house dressing, and a sweet almond crumble. The key is to get every element onto each spoonful. All the major food adjectives reside on this plate–sweet, creamy, crunchy, warm, cool, and acidic. Everything blends together in one amazing dish.

This was my first visit to Bossa Nova…the first of many. Thank you, Ashli!

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