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Unique Randomness: Waffle House, Packet House, and a To-Do List for Shackleford


Random thoughts and ramblings on local food and drink…

Apparently, Little Rock now has a new food truck court … or something of that nature … in downtown at 8th/Chester. According to the website, “The Food Truck Stop is the place to get all of the tasty Food Truck Food you crave everyday! It comes equipped with “Inside Seating to relax as you eat!” and “Multiple Food Trucks Daily offering a variety of menus you won’t find anywhere else!” There’s even, “On-site Parking, a large indoor open seating area, clean restrooms, free Wi-Fi and flat screen televisions make this a great place to take a food break everyday!–Oh and yes -we have an on-site bakery with the best sweets in town! –Brown Sugar Bakeshop-Express.” Personally, I’m not going to pass judgment on the place until I go check it out. Here’s hoping this is a quality spot, run right, that can provide an accessible place for our local food trucks. Looks like things get going on January 19.

By now, we’ve all heard the news on the latest development for Packet House. Coincidentally, this news broke hours after I brought up the damn topic. My insanely awesome plan of a rising chef taking over the spot and making it a culinary destination went straight to the shit can. Instead, it will be an exclusive club for politicians who fancy nice cigars. Oh well. In the end, I guess this is better than the place just sitting there vacant for years.

Rock Town Distillery is holding a special barrel tasting event on Friday, January 29th at 5:30. Looks like there’s only 10 spots available, so if you’re interested, better jump on it.

Igibon in WLR closed a couple weeks back.

Anyone else going through kBird withdrawal? I really need my fix. Soon.

I really think that stretch of Shackleford between Markham and Rodney Parham is prime for a Renaissance. Here’s my 5-step plan to make it happen: 1. Tell K-Mart to get a facelift or get the hell out. That store looks like a dump. 2. Make the old Ponchito’s spot into a world-class barbeque joint (ahem…Yellow Rocket). 3. Turn that old Famous Dave’s spot into a Melting Pot. (I know, I know…but you need a decent, well-known chain to help bring the folks out). 4. Make Pho Thanh My re-do its parking lot … for no other reason than I think it sucks. 5. Make the old Kroger across the street into a Trader Joe’s. Boom!

ICYMI, I really liked Lulu’s.

I mentioned Roxy’s Twisted Sandwiches last week … looks like Little Rock’s newest food truck will be having a soft opening in front of Flyway Brewing next month.

I’ve been plugging the Vive La Vie show a lot on my social media. It’s a great show–highlighting personalities in the food and drink world–run by one of my favorite people, Alexia Elichiry of De Nux Distributors. Check it out on KABF 88.3 FM on Friday mornings from 9:30-10. You can even listen through the Listen Live link on the website.

“Was dipping my hair in this pot a bad thing? Because if I had known that was a bad thing, then I wouldn’t have done it.”

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What, You Haven’t Eaten There?

Fries at Packet House (photo, Daniel Walker)

Fries at Packet House (photo credit, Daniel Walker)

It’s true..I’ve still yet to eat at these 10 places.

Doe’s Eat Place: I’ve been told their steaks are very solid, the tamales are a Little Rock tradition, and the fried shrimp are to die for. Hell, it’s was even a Bill Clinton hangout back in the day. Maybe it’s the funky location or my lack of desire to split a steak with four people—who knows?

Trio’s: Here’s another head-scratcher. I’ve actually heard very positive things about Trio’s, but there doesn’t seem to be too much buzz surrounding the place. And let’s face it, sometimes “buzz” (i.e..a strong social media presence) can often get you in the door. Trio’s does have a nice FB page and website, but no Twitter account is a big no-no. I think this place is supposed to have really dynamite desserts.

Cotham’s: I have not been to either location. The one in Scott certainly tempts me. Heck, I even tried to check it out one Saturday afternoon, but a huge downpour prohibited the visit. Not even the iconic Hubcap Burger has been enough to lure me to Cotham’s, although rumors of spectacular onion rings may certainly do the trick.

Loca Luna: I just have not heard positive reviews from some of my foodie friends whose opinions I very much respect.

Red Door: Well, it makes sense, if I haven’t been to Loca Luna, chances are pretty slim I’ve been to Red Door. Although, feedback I’ve gotten has been a bit more favorable, especially towards the pizza.

Iriana’s: Many people believe this is some of the best pizza in town. I’m excited to find out, but doubt it’s better than my beloved Vino’s. Maybe it is–and it’s definitely time for me to find out. Here’s my issue with Iriana’s, I don’t work or live near downtown. And when I go into DT, pizza is often not my first, second, or even third choice.

Waffle House: Another head-scratcher. Some people might be wondering why a chain restaurant would even be on this list. I’ll tell you: it’s Waffle House…they’re everywhere! And who doesn’t love some hash browns with eggs? Sadly, I’m in my mid-30’s, married with children, and late night greasy spoon runs are just no longer part of the equation.

Packet House: This restaurant really shouldn’t be on the list. I booked reservations for a date night a few months back. Cancelled. My wife for some strange reason favored a romantic trip to Layla’s. Sexy. Another time, a foodie invitation to try out Packet’s new bar food menu got botched by them…or me…or it doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is this, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food at Packet House, but I’m still eager to try the place out.

Arthur’s Steakhouse: I’m just not a big fan of steak. And unless my in-laws are in town for a celebratory dinner on their dime, I don’t see Arthur’s $40 filet happening anytime soon.

Sims Barbecue: Word on the street is that Sims has some pretty darn good ‘cue. Call me a little gun shy, but in a city filled with surprisingly average joints, I’m just always hesitant to eat barbecue in Little Rock. Maybe Sims will change my mind.

These are my 10 top spots. How about you…any you’ve never been to that just might surprise people?

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