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That Time We Ordered 6 Appetizers at Maddie’s

That Time We Ordered 6 Appetizers at Maddie’s

Settle down … we had eight folks in our party. But still, ordering six appetizers, plus entrees, is quite an evening of gluttonous eating. There may have been three pieces of peanut butter pie involved as well. Kudos to Maddie’s Place, one of Little Rock’s most beloved and respected […]

Gadwall’s Grill is My Kind of Place

Gadwall’s Grill is My Kind of Place

It somehow took me five years to visit Gadwall’s Grill, the no-frills restaurant serving down-home cooking in North Little Rock. My poor excuse was the long drive time, and although I had received multiple reports from people I trust singing its praises, I always seemed to put a visit to Gadwall’s […]

The Pittsburgh at Natural State Sandwiches in Fayetteville

The Pittsburgh at Natural State Sandwiches in Fayetteville

By Blake Flemister

All summer long my boss has been telling me to try this food truck located just off campus called Natural Sate Sandwiches. So we decided to check it out last Thursday afternoon.

We made our way to the Fayetteville’s Funky Yard Sale parking lot. In the back is a green and white stripe food truck with the classic sign that reads “No Picky Eaters.”

Well, thank goodness I’m not a picky eater.

I proceeded to check out the menu, one I was already quite familiar with, as I’d looked at it on past weekly Instagram posts. The one item that has been calling my name was The Pittsburgh. I ordered the sandwich and proceeded across the white gravel lot to an umbrella-covered picnic table.

While we waiting on our food, we played with the peg triangle board game that you would see at Cracker Barrel (I ended with only two left, so yeah I’m pretty impressive.) Within a few minutes, Amber, one of the owners, called out our order. Per usual, I asked for extra napkins because I’m a messy eater and could tell this sandwich was going to give me some issues. Heck, I even needed to go back for a knife and fork for this monster.

I sat there observing the sandwich’s texture, how it was formed and held together by one long kabob stick.

I dove in.

My first bite was met with a big crunch, provided by either the seared, uncured salami or the vinegar cole slaw … I’m not quite sure. The melted Provolone cheese draped over the salami and slaw was a nice touch, as were the French fries which already resided inside the sandwich. Oh, and I almost forgot about the egg with its warm yoke that sunk into the fresh, house-made French bread.

This gut-bomb made for a tough trek back to work, and although I wanted to curl up at my desk and take a long nap, I forged through and finished out my day.

Yes, I conquered The Pittsburgh, but it wasn’t easy, although it was very tasty.

If you are ever driving on West North Street in Fayetteville and pass by the “Fayetteville’s Funky Yard Sale,” turn in and see what’s tucked behind the parking lot.

It might just surprise you.

Natural State Sandwiches
693 W North St
Fayetteville, Arkansas
(479) 225-1103

Hours of Operation: Typically open Thursday-Saturday 11am-3pm. (contingent upon the weather)
Friday dinner service & Sunday brunch are sometimes available. Follow on FB of IG to see availability.

Buzz Word: All Good on The Fade Rose’s Red Beans and Rice

Buzz Word: All Good on The Fade Rose’s Red Beans and Rice

Always up for suggestions! One of the best parts about food blogging is coming up with new ideas for regular pieces. It’s what I enjoyed most during my time with the Houston Press and certainly still rings true with TMR. Say hello to Buzz Word…a […]