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Reader Poll: Favorite Tacos in Town


We’re back at it again, trying figure about what some of your favorite culinary delights are here in Little Rock. This time around, let’s look at another subjective food item … tacos. Here’s the question posed on Facebook…

What restaurant in the Little Rock area serves your favorite tacos?

We had 58 comments, with 26 different places being mentioned and 60 total votes. As always, these are very informal polls, so please treat this post as just a nice resource for quality taco options in our area.

Fives places really stood out in terms of votes. El Palenque received the most votes with 9, followed by Local Lime (7), The Fold (6), Guadalajara (5), and Heights Taco & Tamale Co. (5). I thought this was a nice mix of hole-in-the-wall spots with some of your more bigger, popular restaurants. Personally, I’ve enjoyed tacos at 4 out of 5 places… sorry Guadalajara, I’ll get to visit you in the near future. Specific standouts include: the Beans & Greens Taco at Local Lime, the Pollo y Poblano at The Fold, and the Pickled-Fried Chicken Tacos at HTT. Don’t get me wrong, I love El Palenque, but often find myself passing on tacos in favor of burritos, enchiladas, or the caldo.

The second tier of top taco spots included: Taqueria Jalisco San Juan (food truck in the Colonial Liquor parking lot), Chuy’s, Taqueria Karina Cafe, and Eliella. For me, Eliella really stands out in this group. The tacos there are small and simple, but pack big flavor. I’m not surprised to see Chuy’s this high up the list … it’s a very popular spot and they do make their own tortillas. Is it one of the better tacos in town? In my opinion, no, but the chicken soft tacos are very solid and reasonably priced. Karina, on 65th Street, is a hidden gem, and is certainly worthy to receive this many votes.

What really stood out about this particular poll was the number of single vote mentions. Seventeen restaurants received one vote. They include: El Alamo Grill, Cinco de Mayo, Fonda, Maddie’s Place, El Torito, Samantha’s, Senior Tequila, Taco Bueno, Taziki’s, EJ’s, La Regional, Tacos 4 Life, El Porton, Mexico Chaquito, SO, Baja Grill, Taco Beer Burrito. To me, the real surprise here was Baja Grill receiving only one vote. There are some really good, eclectic tacos (Pig Sooie and Cuban) being served up at Baja. Cinco de Mayo is very underrated, as is El Torito off Bowman Road. The chicken tacos at El Porton are excellent, as are the tacos at La Regional. One place that didn’t make the list but I feel deserves a mention is South on Main. They do a fantastic breakfast taco with chorizo on the brunch menu.

Finally, a few reactions from readers…

Daniel Ford: “Not sure if they’ve got overall best, but the Diablo Shrimp at The Fold is my favorite single taco.”

Brandon Olvey: “For my money, nothing touches the chorizo and carnitas tacos at Local Lime.”

Johnna Jaynes Feldman: “I really just love a basic taco crispy, ground beef and cheese at Senior Tequila.”

Tom Allen: “Not well versed in tacos, but I do like The Fold and was surprised by the fish tacos at EJ’s.”

Stephanie Baker Brock: “It will be Tacos for Life when it gets here. For now, I have to drive to Conway to get them.”

Alicia Tuggle: “Never been to El Palenque yet, still on the list though. Baja Grill, Taco Beer Burrito, and Local Lime are my favs.”

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Q to the A: Mylo’s, Mug’s, and Holy Shiitake at Mellow Mushroom

Mylo's Perfect Coffee Pour

Mylo’s Perfect Coffee Pour

Ever wonder what other foodies are thinking? Me too. Special thanks to LR foodies Jason and Shelle for their responses!

1. How many years have you lived in Little Rock? I have lived here for 17 years since moving from North Dakota. Shelle has lived here off and on for 30 years but continuously for the last 6.

2. What area of town do you generally find yourself dining at? We try to get all over but I would say that we in Midtown more often than anywhere else. For lunch Shelle works and eats downtown and I am more in Southwest Little Rock.

3. When you’re just in the mood for a casual restaurant, where do you like to go? Layla’s on Rodney Parham would be the go to casual choice for both of us.

4. Is there a certain cuisine you feel needs greater representation in the Little Rock restaurant scene? Shelle would say Thai is underrepresented. I would like to see more local coffee shops open later in the evening. Just a place to go at night to read a book or sit and chat with a good cup of coffee.

5. What’s your Little Rock birthday meal? Last year we went to Ashley’s Sunday brunch for Shelle’s birthday but that is not a tradition. We usually mix it up for our birthdays but we do have an anniversary tradition of going to the Oyster Bar which is where we got married.

6. When was the last time you walked out of a Little Rock restaurant with absolute contentment? We had dinner at the Red Door on Wednesday night. Cheese dip as a starter. Shelle had a chicken alfredo skillet and I had the filet mignon wrapped in bacon. For dessert we had bread pudding and creme brulee. We both walked out perfectly content with our choices. An excellent meal with great service at a reasonable price.

7. Who has the best cup of coffee in town? The easiest question on the list. Mylo’s Coffee at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and Bernice Gardens on Sundays has been a revelation for both of us. We look forward to 7am on Saturday all week long. For a cup of coffee at a brick and mortar venue, Mug’s in Argenta is a very strong contender.

Layla's Yogurt Plate


8. Can you weigh-in on the great Little Rock pizza debate? Pizza is a pretty personal choice. There are plenty of good options in town and for us it depends a lot on the mood. Iriana’s is very good. We just tried the Holy Shiitake at Mellow Mushroom for the first time this week and it was life changing. But the most consistently excellent choice for us is the Margherita Pizza at Vino’s.

9. What under-the-radar restaurant would you recommend? There are a lot of fine under the radar options in Southwest Little Rock. The locals know about it but it is out of the way for most people living downtown, midtown or in West Little Rock. And that is a shame because I would put the food at a place like Eliella up against a lot of restaurants in town. The people there are passionate about what they are doing. They use fresh ingredients and have an open kitchen to show everyone what is happening. The flavors are great and the prices are extremely reasonable.

10. What’s one word you’d use to describe the Little Rock dining scene? Shelle’s word is blossoming. My word would be improving.

**Please be sure to check out Jason and Shelle’s wonderful blog Arkansas Mirepoix.

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