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Buzz Word: Three-Pound Porterhouse at Doe’s


BUZZ WORD is back! Each month, a word is posted over on The Mighty Rib Facebook page, followed with a request for reader suggestions centered-around the term. One of the suggestions is randomly picked, dish is eaten, and a review is written.

This month’s BUZZ WORD was “steak.”

As expected, many folks weighed-in on this one. Some suggestions would have downright bankrupted me…see Arthur’s.

Thankfully, Doe’s won out.

You know Doe’s, the Little Rock landmark/institution that’s still just as famous as any restaurant in town. But guess what? I’ve only eaten there once, and only ordered the fried shrimp and tamales. Yes, don’t laugh, this was my first time to eat steak at Doe’s. For the past year or so, a buddy of mine has been pestering me to order the steak. “Shalin, just go to Doe’s, order the 3-lb Porterhouse and get it medium rare. Just do it.”

And that’s exactly what I did.

A Porterhouse is a thick-cut, monster-sized piece of meat comprised of a t-shaped bone that separates two sections of the meat—the larger short loin and the smaller tenderloin.

So we ordered the 3-lb. Porterhouse ($19.95 per pound), which came with fries, buttered toast and soaked salad. The steak was served family-style, and, along with the accompanying side dishes, comfortably fed our lunchtime table of four. What stood out was the no-frills simplicity of this steak. It’s as primal of a meat-eating experience as you’re going to get in a restaurant. The slab of meat is broiled and then brought to the table soaking in its own deliciously fatty juices.

One bite and it’s obvious why this steak is so damn popular. That combination of the crispy charred crust and tender, medium-rare meat is what separates this steak-eating experience from so many others. There was just the right amount of fat laced throughout the meat, providing for a rich buttery flavor, and a soft texture throughout.

Truthfully, I’m not a lover of steak. The biggest compliment I can give Doe’s is that I not only loved my Porterhouse, but I honestly can’t wait to go back and do it again.

This Little Rock landmark lived up to the hype.

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Buzz Word: A Por-Pia-Sod to Remember

2013-09-29 10.43.56I will post a “buzz word” on The Mighty Rib Facebook page–then ask for reader suggestions for one dish that includes the word. One is randomly picked, dish is eaten, and review is written.

Our latest word was lettuce. And guess what? History was made this time around on Buzz Word. I actually dined with Erin Robinson, the same person whose suggestion of Chang Thai’s Por-Pia-Sod, was randomly selected this time around. Absolute insanity!

I had heard many a good thing about Chang Thai, a smallish restaurant located in a nondescript retail strip up north in Sherwood. We ordered several items off the expansive menu, and of course, started with the Por-Pia-Sod (spinach and basil spring roll).

If you’re a fan of Thai or Vietnamese food, you’ve no doubt partaken in a fine spring roll a time or two. To me, a solid spring roll is all about fresh ingredients and meticulous construction. Chang’s nailed it on both fronts—the delicious roll was loaded with tightly packed spinach, basil and shredded carrots, along with two pieces of shrimp resting on top. Everything was wrapped up inside a thin, chewy rice wrapper and ready to be dipped into the sweet peanut sauce. And the best part: the darn thing didn’t fall apart with each ensuing bite. That’s big for me.

Are spring rolls a game-changer? No. But for $1.60 each, they’re an inexpensive and tasty way to whet your appetite for the impending entrees. Speaking of which, my Pad Thai with tofu, along with the chicken rice, were both fantastic.

Great food, service, and company…I’d say this Buzz Word was a success!

Now, we if could just get Chang Thai to open up a Little Rock location. Dare to dream.

Have you been to Chang Thai? What are some of your favorite dishes?

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