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10 Food & Drink Holiday Gift Ideas

10 Food & Drink Holiday Gift Ideas

We’ve officially gotten past Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to start thinking about holiday gift giving. Below are 10 local options that are sure to satisfy the food and drink connoisseur in your life. Merch from Your Favorite Shop There are so many great spots […]

That Time We Ordered 6 Appetizers at Maddie’s

That Time We Ordered 6 Appetizers at Maddie’s

Settle down … we had eight folks in our party. But still, ordering six appetizers, plus entrees, is quite an evening of gluttonous eating. There may have been three pieces of peanut butter pie involved as well. Kudos to Maddie’s Place, one of Little Rock’s most beloved and respected […]

Flyway’s Double Beef Cheddar Bomb

Flyway’s Double Beef Cheddar Bomb

Just look at the damn thing!

Listen, I’m not saying Flyway Brewing’s Double Beef Cheddar Bomb is the best cheeseburger in the Little Rock area. But I am saying it’s at least in the discussion. As we all know, the subjectivity of burgers is one of the all-time great food debates.

Yes, this is technically a slider, but don’t think for a second it’s a typical tiny, boring slider we’ve all seen a thousand times before. For $9, Flyway serves up two double-patty burgers on sourdough buns with chili mayo and a side of house-made sliced pickles.

And the best part?

That sheet of cheddar that melts over the patty and extends from the sides of the burger, forming a delicious cheese crisp that’s every bit as tasty as it is visually appealing.

All and all, you’re talking about a total of  a 1/2-lb. of beef cooked to a perfect medium with a nice crust from the grill. Wash it all down with a brown ale or blueberry wheat beer and you’ve got yourself a great afternoon.

Save room for…

The Duck Confit Nachos are also a must-order. Rather than a pile of chips (which I also love), Flyway individually dresses each chip, in this case with a pile of cheddar Jack and tender duck meat, along with sides of chipotle cherry salsa, candied jalapenos, and pickled carrots.

Duck Confit Nachos

Flyway Brewing
314 Maple St (North Little Rock)
(501) 812-3192
Hours: Sunday 12–9PM; Monday-Thursday 4–9PM; Friday & Saturday 12–10PM