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Breakfast Options in Little Rock Are Limited, But Do Exist

Biscuits & Gravy at The Root

Biscuits & Gravy at The Root


I hear it all the time … “We really lack in breakfast options here in Little Rock .”  It’s a fair assessment, and while the food scene would be much improved with more quality breakfast spots, for this post, I wanted to focus on what we do have … and break things down into various groups.

Group 1 – Places I’d Highly Recommend (3)

The Root Cafe, At the Corner, Boulevard Bistro

Details: These three places are the three elite breakfast options in town. At the Corner and The Root both have great pancakes, but the go-to items are the breakfast burrito at At the Corner and the biscuits and gravy at The Root. The smoked salmon bialy and The Breakfast Sandwich are the stars at Boulevard.

Group 2 – Places I’ve Never Had Breakfast At, But Would be Shocked if it Wasn’t Great (2)

One Eleven at the Capital, Leo’s Greek Castle

Details: Granted, One Eleven is a pretty upscale place for breakfast, something many of us just aren’t looking for. But if you’re in the area and want to treat yourself to something special,  I imagine the breakfast at One Eleven is pretty fantastic. In terms of atmosphere, Leo’s is the complete opposite of One Eleven, but if the breakfast is half as good as their cheeseburger, then we’ve got ourselves a winner.

Group 3 – Places I’ve Never Been To, But REALLY Want to Try (2)

Taqueria Guadalajara, Gadwall’s Grill

Details: I give folks shit all the time for not getting in their cars and literally driving the extra mile to eat at different restaurants across the city. But I can be a hypocrite at times, because the reason I’ve never been to either Guadalajara or Gadwall’s is directly related to distance. From the looks of it, Guadalajara has a limited, 4-item breakfast. Gadwall’s does biscuits with chocolate gravy, from what I’m told.

Group 4 – Places I Know Nothing About, But Were Mentioned on the Blog (4)

BJ’s Market Cafe, Red Door, Littlefields, B Side

Details: As stated, I know nothing about the breakfast at these places. Maybe you do … and maybe they are great.

Group 5 – Place That is Just Plain Solid, But Not Spectacular (1)

Mugs Cafe

Details: Mugs Cafe has changed ownership and I haven’t been there in several months, but the place always served a very solid breakfast, including dishes like an egg-white omelet and breakfast tacos. The service has always been consistent, and although the menu won’t wow you, I’ve never left Mugs disappointed.

Group 6 – Places I Know Exist, But Ain’t Knocking Down the Door to Try (6)

Ozark Country Restaurant, Homer’s East and West, DownHome Restaurant & Catering, Frontier Diner, Delicious Temptations

Details: I haven’t heard many good things about Ozark, and while I’ve had good lunches at Homer’s East, the dinner at Homer’s West didn’t inspire a return visit. Truthfully, I’ve eaten breakfast at DownHome once, right when it first opened, but didn’t care for the food. That said, it was early in its existence, and it wouldn’t surprise me if things got a lot better. Frontier Diner makes a mean patty melt for lunch but is a difficult location for me to get to in the morning.

Group 7 – Places to Grab a Quick Donut, Pastry, Smoothie, Etc. (3)

Mark’s Do-Nut Shop, Mylo Coffee Co., I Love Juice Bar, El Torito

Details: Of course there are more than three of these types of places in town, but these are the three I recommend for a quick bite. The chocolate banana muffin at Mylo is elite and donuts at Mark’s are the best you’ll find in this area. Get the Acai Bowl at I Love Juice Bar … you’ll be good ’til lunch.

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Quick Hits: Great Places and Dishes From Recent Dining Out

Meat & Cheese Board at Boulevard Bistro

Meat & Cheese Board at Boulevard Bistro


Here’s a rundown of dishes and restaurants that got a thumbs up…

Baja Grill serves up some damn good burritos and tacos, but it’s easy to forget that the Cuban taco, which is loaded with shredded, chipotle aioli, sour orange red cabbage-jicama slaw, fresco cheese, and avocado, is really one of our better tacos in town. At $4.50, it’s not cheap, but it’s fairly substantial, making it a good value.

I popped into Blue Sail Coffee, downtown Little Rock’s newest coffee shop, over the weekend and really enjoyed both the coffee and the atmosphere. Blue Sail is located inside the Technology Park building at 417 Main Street. My iced coffee was excellent. Sorry, that’s about all I can report on at this point. Go check the place out and let us know what you think.

Props to Local Lime. My daughter loved the crab cake tacos during a recent lunch pop-in. A week later, I was at the bar for the best margarita in town. Service was excellent on both visits.

Trio’s has this crazy cake on the menu called “The Brookie.” It’s a triple layered monstrosity of brownie, Oreo cake, and chocolate chip cookie dough “cake.” I’m not sure when it will make its way back onto the menu, but I’m guessing it will very soon. Your best options is to probably keep an eye on Trio’s social media for an update. The cake is excellent, but it’s a total gut bomb, and is definitely best shared between ten of your friends. Ok, maybe three of your friends.

South on Main‘s dinner menu offers a great, shareable appetizer called “The Spread.” Diners can choose three jars from these options: smoked oysters, beer cheese, deviled ham spread or chicken liver mousse. I opted for the first three, given that I’d rather it a sack of dried cat turds than chicken liver mousse. Any who, this is a fantastic meal starter, and if you’re anything like me, all three things end up working there way onto the same wedge of bread.

If you haven’t already, please go check out The Water Buffalo. I did for the first time last Friday and really enjoyed the place. It’s a true neighborhood watering hole with plenty of craft beers on tap. The setting won’t blow you away with its beauty but the place is a gem. Home brew enthusiasts will also love The Water Buffalo, as they have all sorts of equipment.

No surprise here … I went to the Arkansas Heart Hospital last Friday for a bowl of $5.55 ramen. It was filled with crab meat, scallops, and pure joy. There were other ingredients, but pure joy was the main one. Reminder, the ramen is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

The meat and cheese board at Boulevard Bistro is a must-order.

At the Corner is quickly becoming one of our best breakfast options in Little Rock. I sat at the bar and devoured The Big Dutchman Burrito. Well, I ate half of it. As the name states, it’s big. The burrito is stuffed with sausage, egg, cheese, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, and red pepper jelly, and is served with jalapeno sour cream on the side. Get this burrito! That’s an order.

Honey Pies now has peach pie available. I’ve had it before and it’s excellent. My kids ordered two minis yesterday and loved them.

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It’s All About Beer, Cake, Soup, and a Burger

Zara's Cinnamon Roll Cake

Zara’s Cinnamon Roll Cake


Thoughts on my eating escapades around Little Rock…

Josiah Moody’s latest creation, an Oatmeal Pale, is now available at Vino’s and is an absolute winner. I purchased a growler of the new beer before attending a house party and everyone who tried it gave it a thumbs up. This comes as no surprise … most any beer Josiah creates is met with rave reviews.

A Thai soup called Gway Teeow Muu is currently on kBird’s menu. I have no idea how long the soup is available, so don’t procrastinate on this one. The broth is damn near perfect, with a tinge of sweet and sour flavors that are only surpassed by these crispy slivers of pork belly. With a pile of rice noodles, cilantro, and green onions, this soup eats like a Vietnamese pho but is far better than any of those you’ll find in town. And the best part, as with all dishes at kBird, you can manipulate the level of heat with accompanying tableside condiments.

Zara Abbasi Wilkerson is a dear friend, so sometimes I forget she is actually running a highly successful cake business. Truth be told, I tend to forget to order cakes from her. But a weekend trip to Oklahoma City for a visit with the in-laws provided a perfect opportunity to order her new Cinnamon Roll Cake, thus keeping me in good graces with my wife’s folks. Mission accomplished. This cake, which was Zara recommended, is everything you are envisioning it to be … simply put, it’s a spot-on cake version of our beloved cinnamon rolls. A cream cheese based frosting and a heavy hand of cinnamon and sugar, along with a wonderful caramel sauce topping, are the signature elements of a cake which will soon be one of the more popular ones in town.

Props to At the Corner, the modern, downtown breakfast/lunch diner, on its Big Damn BBQ Burger. The burger consists of a sous vide-cooked beef patty topped with house-made bbq sauce, pickles, cheese and fried onion rings. ATC also uses that signature Arkansas Fresh brioche bun, which is super ideal for a burger with this many ingredients. A side of hand-cut fries finishes off the plate of high caloric goodness.

South on Main was up to its creative tricks last week for a Lee Edwards’ bar invasion night. I enjoyed a delicious cocktail concocted by the former Little Rock bartender, along with the night’s special, a Yock Box—spaghetti topped with pulled pork, Carolina gold bbq sauce and fermented black beans. The Yock Box is bar food at its finest … simple, rustic, and wildly addictive. Give it a go the next time it’s on the menu.

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