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Restaurant Review: Jus’ Mac (Houston)

Restaurant Review: Jus’ Mac (Houston)

It’s Monday…time for another restaurant review!

The Background
This restaurant has been a fairly hot-button topic in this city. Opinions have varied. Our very own resident vegetarian Molly liked it. I was feeling a little left out of the mix, so recently, I grabbed some lunch at Jus’ Mac. Guess what I got?

The Scene
Cool scene all the way around. Jus’ Mac is located on Yale, a very underrated street in the food scene. Parking isn’t the best, but that’s expected in this area of town. I was able to find a spot and headed inside. The place has a very modern feel, with hip, attractive women running the show. Attractive women, mac and cheese…I’m on board! Hot chicks and stylish accents aside…the question remained: Would the food be good?

The Food
Yes, the food was good. I ordered La Puebla, comprised of roasted poblanos and Swiss. The cheese was smooth, creamy, and well-incorporated throughout the entire dish.  The level of spiciness was dead on. It was served in a (real) cast-iron skillet with actual silverware:)

The Verdict
I don’t eat mac and cheese often, but I’ll be back. I really hope this place makes it. They have a unique concept, and more importantly–it’s tasty. Not to be overlooked, the service was excellent, which I appreciate (especially when it comes to lunch).