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Pupusas & Plantains at Rosalinda’s

Pupusas & Plantains at Rosalinda’s
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First of all, I’m tired of some folks thinking North Little Rock is a vast wasteland of chain restaurants. While it does have it’s fair share of those, NLR is home to some of the best mom & pop places in the area.

Case in point … Rosalinda’s.

Did you know that at Rosalinda’s, the Levy restaurant specializing in Honduran and Salvadorian cuisine, you can basically eat like a king for $8?

I swear it’s true.

That’s the cost of two pupusas and an order of Platano con Creama (plantains with cream). Each pupusas is $2 and the plantains are $4. Regarding the pupusas, I recommend either the cheese, pork, or bean and cheese. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Some of you might be reading this post and wondering, “What the heck is a pupusa?”

Basically, it’s a thick corn tortilla stuffed with some of the aforementioned ingredients. At Rosalinda’s, they aren’t stingy with the cheese, so when you knife one open, it just oozes out. Trust me, it’s a beautiful thing, but the real magic doesn’t lie with the actual pupusa, but rather, the accompanying vinegary slaw. Pile a bunch of the slaw on each one and top things off with a spoonful of salsa. You won’t regret it.

Treat the deliciously soft and sweet plantains as a perfect dessert. Below, you’ll see a pic of them with the steak, rice, and beans … also known as the Plato Rosalinda, another must-order at the restaurant. Speaking of, there are so many outstanding dishes at Rosalinda’s. From the shrimp soup to the fried chicken and bananas, it’s really one of our area’s best hidden gems.

Those plantains!

900 W 35th St, North Little Rock
Hours: Open every day except for Wednesdays (10am-7:55pm)
Phone: (501) 771-5559