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Pie Hole: Killer Fare, Pancakes & Mexican Food Capital of the Universe

Pie Hole: Killer Fare, Pancakes & Mexican Food Capital of the Universe
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Each Tuesday, I take a look back at what some of the best food writers in Houston are covering. Good or bad…you’ll get my honest opinion. And just so we’re on the same page, I’ll disclose what relationship, if any, I have with each writer.

I. The Piece: Houston is a Mexican food capital that eats national chains alive: Limp giants cannot compete with beloved locals by Ralph Bivins
The Opinion: There are many things that rub me the wrong way about this article,  starting with the f-ed up title. It’s pompous. If you enjoyed this column, you might want to check out tomorrow’s feature on The Mighty Rib. It’s called “I’m the Greatest…by Me”. I agree that Houston is the Mexican food capital, but does it really need to be written by someone in the same city? Can’t we just prove it…with our food…and let others mention the greatness?
The Relationship: Don’t know him, never met him.

II. The Piece: Samba Grille’s Nathan Ketcham and Estella Erdmann by Amber Ambrose
The Opinion: Love this interview…and for good reason.  Samba Grille is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Just good people all around. I’ve talked with Nathan on a few occasions. He’s a very smart, down to earth guy and he certainly comes across this way in the interview. I thought Amber asked very solid questions and both interviewees gave thoughtful responses that weren’t so run-of-the-mill.
The Relationship: We wrote together at EOW. We are friends.

Samba Grille's Fried Shrimp

III. The Piece: Truck stop: Sampling Hit n’ Run’s killer fare by Paul Galvani
The Opinion: Props to Paul for recognizing a hidden gem of a food truck. I stumbled upon Hit n’ Run while at a sports bar in midtown. Lucky me, as I got one of the better burgers Houston has to offer. Paul’s description of it is spot-on, so I’ll say no more. Find this food truck, get the burger, and be happy. That is all.
The Relationship: I don’t know him, but I certainly know of him.

IV. The Piece: Blue Corn Pancakes by Blue Jean Gourmet
The Opinion: You know, I rarely include posts about recipes on Pie Hole.  But I was a teacher, and this one hits home. Her writing style is so smooth and inviting.  Couple all that with some spectacular pictures, and you’ll want to make some Blue Corn Pancakes. On a side note, this recipe is still one of the best I’ve done in two years of blogging.
The Relationship: Follow on Twitter, have emailed a few times.  Never met.