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One Year Later, Wild Sweet William’s Still Shines

One Year Later, Wild Sweet William’s Still Shines
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Sometimes the heart just wants what it wants. Like last Thursday morning, when I dropped the kids off at school and had to make the 1-hour drive up to Searcy for a Wild Sweet William’s kolache.

Yes, the baked goods at WSW are that good.

This was my second visit and almost one year since my inaugural stop.

Here’s the biggest compliment I can give the place … nothing has changed! They still serve an amazing variety of scones, including flavors like Cheddar Bacon, Strawberry White, Blueberry, Blackberry with Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Lavender White (just to name a few). They still serve a plethora of other tasty treats, like chocolate chip cookies, breads, Honeysuckle Baby Cakes, cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls, and breads. And yes, they still serve the most amazing kolaches you’ll find in this state. But you better get your butt over there by 9 a.m. or you’ll run the risk of coming upon an empty case.

Honeysuckle Baby Cakes

I arrived around 8:50 and was greeted by happy faces behind the counter, a steady stream of customers, and a dwindling offering of the prized delights. Much like last time, I just started pointing at random items, knowing full well it really didn’t matter what ended up in the my box, as I’d love it all. And I did.

True to form, the kolaches absolutely shined. The strawberry cream cheese sent me straight back to my Texas days, although WSW puts a unique twist on their version. The dough is still subtly sweet, soft, and with just the perfect amount of cream cheese and strawberry filling, but it’s circular, flatter shape differs from many of the square, doughier ones you’ll often find. It looks more like a traditional Danish.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Kolache

The Chocolate Roll, filled with a heavy hand of rich, dark chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar, was a wonderful variation on a traditional cinnamon roll. It, too, is a must-order. But truth be told, everything is a must-order at WSW. From the looks of it, the scones just fly off the shelves, and for good reason. The bakery will convert even the most adamant scone haters, erasing any thoughts you may have of a dried out, boring baked good.


I could go on and one, but you get the picture. Judging by the response, folks in Searcy definitely know what a gem they have in Wild Sweet William’s Bakery. As for the rest of the state, it’s time to find out.

Just make sure to arrive early.

Wild Sweet William’s Bakery
304B S. Main Street (Searcy)
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 7 a.m.-11 a.m (or until sold out)