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One Minor Adjustment Needed At David’s Burgers

One Minor Adjustment Needed At David’s Burgers
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I love David’s Burgers. I’ve written several positive things about the Little Rock area chain over the past 5+ years. From the friendly, family atmosphere to the affordable prices to the service that is second to none to the consistently quality food, David’s has proved to be a glowing example of everything that is right about a restaurant.

The classic, thin-patty burgers with simple, fresh toppings along with the bottomless fries make for a winning combination. There’s a free ice cream sample at the end of the meal for the kids. Heck, employees even greet every customer when they walk through the door (which apparently annoys some folks…not me).

David’s is great. No doubt.


It’s time to ease up on the salt. Just last weekend, we took some of our out-of-town friends to the Bowman location (the only one I’ve been to). They loved it, and I could tell their sentiments were genuine. The place was packed, but neither the service nor quality of food were sacrificed due to the large crowd. My double patty cheese burger was cooked to perfection, with just a little bit of pink throughout the burger … just the way I like it. But, much like several of my more recent experiences, the burger was just too salty. I spent the rest of the day downing water like I was stranded in the Sahara.

David’s, you have a great concept, and you’re obviously beloved in this town. I just think it’s high time to give the salt shaker a rest and let the beef do the talking. Seems like a fairly simple fix that would vault you back, at least in my eyes, to the top of the Little Rock burger world.