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Natalie the Nomad: New Moon Cafe (Olympia, WA)

Natalie the Nomad: New Moon Cafe (Olympia, WA)
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Monthly Feature
We’re never quite sure where Natalie will end up each month!

When you think café, the words “cozy”, “friendly” and “quaint”. The New Moon Cafe in Olympia embodies just that. But it gets better.

First off, let me just say that the decor here cracks me up. Its totally random – everything from the tables and chairs to local artwork (for sale) adorning the walls. Upon every table sits a small journal that you’re encouraged to write/doodle/rant/rave in – New Moon has definitely had some characters come through, that’s for sure.

Second thing, which I absolutely loved – everything here is homemade. EVERYTHING. Right down to the salad dressings and their famed so-scrumptious-I-could-eat-a-pound-of-them hash browns. The real treat is their blackberry jam. So popular that it requires an entire squeeze bottle sitting next the Tabasco, you can tell that heart and soul went into this jam. I honestly was looking for a way to smuggle a bottle out, but thankfully they had it for sale.

On to the entrees…I had the “Amsterdam Omelette” – I can’t decide if I want to know the meaning of the name behind this or not, but considering there were “Get your pot prescription filled by calling 555-5555 immediately!!”, I can only imagine… This omelette was composed of spinach, red onion, tomato, perfectly green avocado, and smoked gouda. Honestly, I would have liked to taste a little more gouda, but other than that it was perfect.

What I really liked at New Moon, was that the portion sizes weren’t made for a family of 47. You left full and happy, but didn’t feel like you had to walk laps around the mall to get back to feeling comfortable. My husband ordered the “Carne Omelette”, with the bacon and cheddar option. I can tell that this was delicious because 1) I wasn’t even offered a bite 2) it was gone in about 2 minutes. It is what I would imagine to be a ‘Man’s Omelette”’. Both omelettes were served with hash browns – I’m telling you, New Moon has this DOWN. Is it possible for potatoes to be heavenly? These had just the right amount of crunch, yet melted in your mouth. I almost felt bad smothering them in hot sauce. Almost.

Lastly, the kiddo had a “Panda Cake” – pancakes arranged to make a Panda’s face, which were promptly covered in their jam and devoured. I thought I would have to hose the jam off our toddler, and I also expected to be cleaning it up of the floorboard of the car. She ate that much. Not kidding.

As I explore more nooks and crannies in our little corner of Washington, I would have to say that this place is definitely a secret that is slowly bursting at the seams. There’s only seating for about 20 people, but we noticed as we were leaving, a crowd was slowly gathering outside. Another small word of caution – there hours are crazy limited, and the latest they’re open is until 2:30. For the price, you’re getting an amazing deal – especially since everything there is made to order, from scratch, and a little bit of hippie love (the good, warm kind; not the patchouli smelling kind).

New Moon Café
113 4th Ave West
Olympia, WA