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Mixed Bag at District Fare

Mixed Bag at District Fare
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I recently checked out District Fare, the space formerly occupied by Hillcrest Artisan Meats. It had been several weeks since my inaugural visit during the Soft Opening, so I was excited to get back and see how things were going with Tomas Bohm’s latest creation which specializes in artisan sandwiches and charcuterie.

Obviously, the eatery is still very young, and as is the case with any establishment, growing pains are to be expected. As was the case with my first experience, last week’s lunch was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of food.

My wife and I ordered the Cuban and District Turkey sandwiches, which were both cut in half, thus making it super easy to share. The Cuban is a pressed baguette filled with sliced pork shoulder, pressed ham, mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles. In other words, it’s a classic take on a very popular sandwich. And while it wasn’t bad, nothing about the sandwich really stood out to a point where I’d be dying to order it again. The pickles would have benefited from being house-made and the pork shoulder, although tender, was somewhat bland.

The District Turkey, with Romaine lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, on the other hand, fared a lot better. In fact, I loved it. Anytime you order a turkey sandwich, there’s definitely the risk of the turkey, itself, being way too dry. This wasn’t the case with District Fare’s version. The District Turkey is the sandwich that will get me walking back through the door.

Two sandwiches and two bags of chips ran about $22. Service was outstanding and the atmosphere and d├ęcor were sleek, beautiful, and inviting.

Here’s hoping District Fare can work out a few kinks. I’m guessing it will.

District Fare
2807 Kavanaugh Blvd., Suite B
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm