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When in Memphis: Don’t Miss Out on Aldo’s Pizza Pies

When in Memphis: Don’t Miss Out on Aldo’s Pizza Pies
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By Chris Abbott

I understand for many of us that either live or visit in Memphis, we have a specific type of food scene that you look around town for. Whether it be barbeque, burgers, or even a hot fudge pie (shout out to Westy’s), we all have a dining comfort zone that’s hard to get out of. We can’t be blamed for this characteristic, I definitely know that I’m guilty of having a handful of out-of-town restaurants and sticking to them. That being said, I want to use this article as a plea to anyone who is willing to shake-up their Memphis dining cycle and consider giving Aldo’s Pizza Pies a visit.

Aldo’s has two prime locations in the city, Downtown (est. July 2012) and Midtown (est. March 2015). I love both spots, but because of the proximity that the Midtown location has with my college, my friends and I typically find ourselves there. Sure, the location is a plus, but the food and atmosphere is what has kept us coming back since we moved to this city. Time and time again, this place has served us food that is both incredibly consistent and original to themselves.

When you’re deciding on which appetizer option seems to be the right call, the definite choice is the Garlic Knots with Aldo’s signature vodka cream. I was introduced to this appetizer a little over a year ago, but I can’t remember the last time I was there and I didn’t order them. Yes, they are THAT good. In addition to the food selection, Aldo’s makes for a good place to watch the sporting event of your choice, as there are TVs in each corner for most of the dining rooms.

Garlic Knots

If sports aren’t high on your priority list, the Midtown location offers my favorite dining patio in town, which is placed on the rooftop that allows you to look over the Cooper-Young area.

Finally, Aldo’s actual pizza. Served New York style, you can choose between a 12-inch pizza or an 18-inch. Their specialty pies are the way to go, with some of my favorites being Margarita, Vodka Pie (combines the Vodka Cream with mozzarella), and The Memphis (this one satisfies that BBQ craving, as it uses Central’s pulled pork and BBQ sauce as the base.) Their salad and sandwich selection is also phenomenal, which always helps when trying to persuade larger groups such as families into this choice.

Next time you’re trying to decide on where to eat in Memphis, give Aldo’s a go. Don’t be surprised if you find me in there.

100 South Main Street Suite 101 (Memphis), TN 38103
(901) 5-777-PIE (743)
KITCHEN HOURS: Sunday-Wednesday 11am-10pm; Thursday-Saturday 11am-12am
BAR HOURS: Sunday-Wednesday 11am-11pm; Thursday-Saturday 11am-12am

752 S. Cooper (Memphis)
(901) 725-pies(7437)
KITCHEN HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm
BAR HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-12am