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Jay’s Pizza in the River Market Falls Flat

Jay’s Pizza in the River Market Falls Flat
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The dish…on just one dish!

Let me get straight to the point—I didn’t like my slice of cheese pizza at Jay’s Pizza in the River Market food court. I won’t get fancy with an introductory paragraph or a joke or a quick back story.

I just didn’t like this pizza. I wanted to like it.

And this isn’t even about a pizza style preference. I love all kinds—thin crust, deep dish, coal-fire, etc…you name it.

Heck, even the people running the business seemed quite affable and I’ve always been a sucker for the mom and pop spots. This little order-up shop certainly qualifies as such.

This had everything to do with taste (or lack thereof). While the flavors of the blended cheeses and sauce were adequate, the thin, crispy crust was quite bland. Sadly, my dining partner and I foresaw a bleak outcome when the man slid our lukewarm slices from the oven to the counter. Our visions of a fresh, bubbly New York-style pizza quickly vanished and were replaced by a more Pizza Hut-style representation.

It got worse—a fairly small slice of cheese pizza ran $3.25. My buddy’s slice of Italian sausage hit the $3.50 mark and fared no better in the taste department.

Fortunately, citizens of Little Rock have some pretty darn good pizza options—ZAZA’s and Vino’s come to mind. Here’s hoping that Jay’s Pizza can make some adjustments and produce a better product.