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Happy Hour: Spiced Apple Bourbon Fizz

Happy Hour: Spiced Apple Bourbon Fizz
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Get ready for the holidays with this fantastic drink recipe!

I tend to click on Beantown Eats when I’m in the need of a great cocktail recipe. The site is run by my good friends Jon (drink part) and Lin (food part). This duo does such a fantastic job covering all things food and drink in the Boston area. In fact, Jon recently won a drink recipe contest that will land his latest creation on the menu at The Hawthorne.

As Nic Cage would say, “That’s high praise.” Jon knows his sh*t.

Say hello to the Spiced Apple Bourbon Fizz. I made the cocktail for this year’s Thanksgiving feast and found it to be the perfect alcoholic beverage for a family gathering.

I recommend that you follow Jon’s directions precisely and definitely lean towards the extra effort of infusing your bourbon. It makes such a difference…promise! The infusion does take a full 24 hours to reach its full potential, so please plan accordingly.

Also, Jon only uses the good stuff in all his drinks. That listed ginger liqueur runs about $30+ a bottle, but you can purchase a knock-off for $13.

As you can see, the overall presentation of this drink is beautiful and the taste is even better. The infusion also cuts that strong bourbon taste just a bit, leaving you with an incredibly smooth drink that packs a punch.

Try it out and please drink responsibly.

What’s your favorite drink to make for the holidays?