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Guillermo’s Ham Panini Crunch

Guillermo’s Ham Panini Crunch
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The dish…on just one dish!

I absolutely love Guillermo’s fresh-brewed coffee. There, I said it…let’s just get that out of the way. The place has won many “best of” awards and is widely considered to be brewing one of the top cups of java in Little Rock.

But did you know they serve both breakfast and lunch items? It’s not a huge selection, but one that piqued my interest nonetheless. As luck would have it, I happened to be right by Guillermo’s during today’s lunchtime hour. Hello ham panini crunch!

I’ve had my fair share of coffeehouse sandwiches and typically have found them to be small, bland and just plain boring. Actually, the term “panini” is Italian for “small, boring, slightly grilled sandwich.” Look it up. It’s true.

Would Guillermo’s ham panini crunch ($6.95) be any different? Yes and no. It was fairly small, but certainly not bland or boring. The description: two pieces of grilled cranberry bread are filled with ham and Swiss cheese, along with some cranberry preserve and chopped pecans.

The gooey, melted cheese was perfect with the sweetly tart cranberries and salty ham. The panini came with a bag of chips, and in my case, an “Italian Stallion” coffee add-on to help polish things off. The entire lunch (with coffee) was just under $10. Best part…it was a satisfying meal that didn’t weigh me down for the rest of the day.