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Food Find: White Midget Turkey from Freckle Face Farm

Food Find: White Midget Turkey from Freckle Face Farm
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Not too long ago a group of foodies partook in some expensive shaved ham at Hillcrest Artisan Meats. Well, as it turns out…something else wonderful came out of that day.

I fell victim to some Facebook advertising a few days prior to the event. HAM had a shipment of Freckle Face Farm-raised turkeys coming in the very Saturday of our cured meat meet-up. And the best part…Brandon (HAM owner) would smoke the bird for free.

Sign me up…even with a hefty $5.00 per pound price tag.

When I arrived at HAM, my 12.75-lb beauty was in the smoker and just about ready. I was chatting it up with Brandon when Mitchell, the owner of Freckle Face Farm, walked over and gave me the complete history of my purchased turkey. He explained this bird was a White Midget turkey–a new breeding venture for him– and one he was truly concerned to get my post-eating opinion on. So much so, Mitchell emailed me a few days later.

Does it get any better? I was standing there with the guy who raised the turkey and the guy who smoked it.

The answer is “yes.” While this $66 turkey was expensive…it was absolutely delicious, and dare I say worth it. The breast meat was so juicy and tender and the smoky aroma filled the entire house.

My family ended up getting four solid meals and an amazing stock (which will be used in my Thanksgiving dressing) from the turkey—making the cost even more palatable. And as an aside, you’ll not eat a better turkey sandwich in your life!

Good news! This was recently posted on HAM’s Facebook page:

“We have started taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys. We will have all-natural, free-roaming, well-loved and local birds from 2 farms this year: Falling Sky Farm in Marshall and Freckle Face Farm in Searcy. We have a limited number so get your order in early!

Turkeys are 5.25 per pound. You can get them fresh or let us do the cooking for you and smoke your bird at no extra cost. There is a 40 dollar deposit when you come in and place your order.”

I highly recommend one of these special turkeys for Thanksgiving. Even at that cost, it’s still about half of much as one of those fancy hams.