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End of the Bar: Coffee Cake Stout and Free Range Brown Ale at Flyway Brewing

End of the Bar: Coffee Cake Stout and Free Range Brown Ale at Flyway Brewing
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Monthly Feature, by Mallory Burns

Mallory will be here bringing you something fresh every month about her favorite spot in any restaurant, the End of the Bar.

If you find yourself aching for a local brew after a long and taxing (or even a short and easy) Monday, snag a barstool in the Argenta-located gem we call Flyway Brewing. Named after the largest bird migratory route in the Americas, this microbrewery is dedicated to locally sourced and inspired brews and bites.

We wandered into the taproom cornered on Maple and 4th on a chilly Monday evening to find the 8-seat bar already filled with patrons happily sipping away. The place was humming with conversation and an easy playlist (think Shakey Graves and Alabama Shakes). It’s the prime atmosphere for winding down from your day. The staff is perfectly friendly and attentive.

Worth noting: on Monday nights, Flyway offers $1 off pints and ½ off their soft pretzels. I couldn’t resist, and neither should you.

If you’re looking for a beer that pairs better with cooler weather and doesn’t require an immediate 2-3 week hibernation period after consumption, look no further than the Free Range Brown Ale from Flyway Brewing. Sure, the color of the beer makes you think of an old cigar lounge decked in mahogany furniture (this is a good thing, for the record), but don’t let that fool you into thinking this beer is too heavy for you. It’s relatively light and oh so drinkable, which I find is a really good thing when it comes to beer. Cocoa and caramel notes carry it, and the hops come through subtly without overwhelming you. Our table consisted of a hop-lover (present) and a hop-hater, and both of us were pleased with the way it hit our palettes. It clocks in at a 5.9% ABV and runs $3 for an 8-ounce pour or $5 for a pint (or just $4 for the pint if you hit on a Monday). Pairs nicely with the Free Range pretzel if you’re in the mood for a snack that soaks up the alcohol and also has BACON SALT.

Know what is better than a beer? Two beers.

My second research project for the evening was my motivation for even writing this piece: the Coffee Cake Stout. I encourage you to drop the notion that this beer is too sweet or too heavy for you to try. Branch out and be amazed if this isn’t normally your bag. Y’all, it is aged with cold brew coffee, cacao nibs, and bourbon-soaked vanilla beans. Need I say more? All of those elements come together perfectly to balance it from swinging too far in the “sweet” or “bitter” direction. It’s rich and thick and full of flavor, but it doesn’t overshoot. This stout is 8.5% ABV and will cost you $8 for a 12-ounce pour, but I promise you’ll want to give them more money after your first sip. Order this one at the end of your night.

Flyway offers a pleasing variety that will suit any beer-lover’s needs, unless you’re just impossible to please. Don’t be that guy.