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El Torito Has it All

El Torito Has it All
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“Little Rock’s food scene sucks. We are lacking so much.”

Sound familiar?

While we still have a long way to go, our food scene doesn’t suck. If some folks would actually check out different places instead of eating at the same 5-10 spots, I think they’d agree with me. Quick rant over.

Anyways, El Torito is one of those spots that helps make our food scene so good. Located in West Little Rock just a stone’s throw from Whole Foods, El Torito is a small Mexican market and taqueria that really has it all. And there’s nothing like it in that area of town.

Inside, you’ll find a nice selection of Mexican pastries, including the best churros in town. There’s a wonderful meat counter in the back with a small, yet quality selection of meats. I recently purchased marinated skirt steak ($7.49/lb) and made some fajitas at home. There’s an ice cream bar on the side with a selection of 8-10 flavors, along with a small market specializing in various Mexican food products. They even carry tortillas from Tortilleria Brenda’s on 65h Street in Little Rock. Good luck finding those at Kroger.

Marinated Skirt Steak

And the best part? The restaurant attached to the grocery store serves up some fantastic food with a standard selection of items. I highly recommend the beef and shrimp fajitas or the tacos al pastor. It’s a nice, quiet place to dine-in or to grab take-out.


Overall, El Torito is an absolute gem. If you don’t believe me, please go find out for yourself.

El Torito
303 S Bowman Rd # 310, Little Rock
Hours: Open Daily 8AM–10PM
Phone: (501) 224-0444