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The Dish: A Beebe’s Cheeseburger

The Dish: A Beebe’s Cheeseburger
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By: Jarred Kibbey

“Crusty meat” is generally not a term that would be used to describe something I really enjoyed, but that is definitely what came to mind on my first visit to Beebe’s Hamburgers and Hot Dogs in Conway, so hear me out.

Beebe’s resides in a newly remodeled building on Dave Ward Drive. Former Conwegians, such as myself, will likely remember it as the location of the old Pasta House. I really adore the space. They took what was once a very dark and dingy building and added a lot of windows and a bright paint scheme of white and baby blue. The space is small and the open kitchen concept allows you to see your food being prepared behind the cashier.

Beebe’s menu is simple and delicious – variations of burgers, hot dogs, and fries. I opted for the Single Deal, which comes with fries and a drink for $7.90. The burgers come with “Beebe’s Sauce.” I was hesitant to get a mystery sauce on my burger, but the cashier told me it was mayo based and delicious, so I was sold. He also suggested I get a side of it to dip the fries.

I certainly was not disappointed when the food arrived. The big mountain of fries to go along with the burger was certainly pleasing to the eyes. Now here is where the experience got interesting to me. There was a crunch to my first bite of burger, which was something I wasn’t expecting. I pulled the bun back to look, thinking they may have snuck a potato chip in there, but what I saw was the most perfect crust I have ever seen on a burger. So crusty that it didn’t get soggy with the cheese and sauces but somehow also wasn’t burnt. My first thought was “this is some crusty meat” and I don’t care how unappetizing the phrase “crusty meat” sounds, it certainly was delicious.

I will definitely return here on my next trip to Conway. Unfortunately, it is in a location that has historically been tough for businesses, but I think their product is great enough that Beebe’s will be successful. I encourage everyone to make a trip down Dave Ward and check out Beebe’s. It will be worth your time and might just end up being your new favorite burger in Central Arkansas.

Beebe’s Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
2751 Dave Ward Dr, Conway, AR 72034
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11AM–2PM, 4:30–8PM; Friday & Saturday 11AM–9PM; Sunday Closed
Phone: (501) 358-6447