Dinner Club: Asian Cuisine

Monthly Feature
Each month…eight friends get together for great food and good times! Check out the recipes and rundown. The Shalins hosted and made the appetizers and  main course. The Shooks brought over a tasty mixed drink concoction. The Jagears were in charge of dessert. The Eisons (Rob and Shelley) were off in another country, but guests Edward and Geri came and brought sake and beer.

Main Eats

Mixed Drink (Sake Martini)

Dessert (Green Tea Ice Cream and Fortune Cookies)

Asian eating galore last night!  The Shalins made some sushi (both vegetarian and spicy salmon rolls), along with some egg drop soup and potstickers for appetizers.  The sushi was polished off and I gotta say, the egg drop turned out so much better than I expected.  Sorry, no recipe posted for the sushi.  I didn’t really use one.  All of the dishes for the main course are included in one link (steak with romaine lettuce and vegetable chow mein).  The Jaegers wooed the crowd with their green tea ice cream and homemade fortune cookies.  You read right! Homemade fortune cookies.  Look how beautiful they turned out.  And the ice cream was refreshing and very interesting…and tasty.  Sake was passed around the the beer was downed in about thirty minutes.

  1. #1 by natalie on May 1, 2011 - 8:08 am

    WOW all of that looks so good!!!

    I’m always intimidated by making my own sushi. Plus I just know I’ll never make enough!!!

  2. #2 by The Mighty Rib on May 1, 2011 - 12:46 pm

    Natalie, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is, I’ll write email you the details. Very simple, and you save a ton of money. Plus, where you live, it will be easy to get high quality fish.

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