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Monthly Features

My friends from Little Rock and Houston and around the country offer their expertise about all things food related. They give The Mighty Rib a fresh perspective and cover items from KFC’s Doublicious to filet mignon. I just can’t say enough about all of these writers. I am so appreciative of their efforts, and I have absolutely no doubt you’ll enjoy reading their monthly features.

She Said, She Said

Shelley is a native Houstonian and has been friends with several members of The Mighty Rib team for many years.  She is thrilled to be one half of the She Said, She Said duo, giving her monthly take on Houston restaurants.

Shelley can most likely be found surrounded by lawyers, drinking a beer in the backyard with her boyfriend Rob, or taste-testing Rob’s latest attempt at mastering the elusive Chicken Vindaloo.

Carrie’s Confections

Carrie may currently reside in Houston, but she will always be a Vermonter at heart. A fan of real maple syrup and Ben & Jerry’s, she has grown to love the culinary offerings of H-town. A stay at home mom of a busy ten month old, Carrie much prefers cooking to other domestic duties. While she does not consider herself very creative in the kitchen, Carrie enjoys trying new recipes and baking sweet treats for friends and family.

Higher Learning

Vivek, a food blogger running Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures, is based out of Nashville, TN. Vivek aims to help elevate simple and classic dishes with the inclusion of new and exciting ingredients or by applying new and interesting techniques to help satisfy everyone’s culinary fancy.

Vivek met Kevin because both Kevin’s wife and Vivek went to Vanderbilt University. And even though Kevin is a die-hard Houston Texans fan and Vivek will lay down his life for the Tennessee Titans, they both agree that food is a way for all people to come together and by engaging in some higher learning, help elevate our daily ritual to something really special.

H-Town Review

Michael is a lifelong Houstonian who prides himself on finding hidden gems where people might not always think to look. He loves Tex-Mex, bourbon, cooking for friends and sharing his passion for food with anyone who will listen.

Recently, Michael changed his approach to food and tries to work with local and organic ingredients as much as possible.  He had gastric surgery in mid-2011 and has changed his eating habits accordingly.  As a result, he appreciates everything in moderation and takes nothing for granted when it comes to cooking and food.

Michael is active in coaching youth sports and enjoys movies and music.  He currently resides in Spring with his wife and 2 kids.

The Junkie

Fatty loves food. There isn’t a fast food advertisement that I haven’t tried. In fact, if BK pledges a marketing campaign with a NEW whopper with 5 pickles, I will give you my assessment. I will also on occasion make my own stuff up (for example, have you ever tried an Ultimate cheeseburger on Sourdough bread? Or a Whataburger with chorizo on Texas Toast?) So when new items aren’t out, I will make one up.

I’m a huge fan of my son, the City of Houston and finding great food. And I’ve no qualms going to try a food item and telling you that it sucks.

Natalie the Nomad

Natalie juggles the duties of an Army wife with being a stay at home mom to an adventurous one year old. She believes in keeping a balance of a healthy body and peaceful mind; but will have a slice of cheesecake and a glass of wine on the way.

With the travels that she has made, Natalie has had quite an experience in worldwide cuisine. She is always setting out in search of new places – cute and personal coffee shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants and friendly farmer’s markets. You can guarantee that she will find places off the beaten path. http://mickiruns.wordpress.com/ http://familytreerecipes.wordpress.com/

Vegetarian View

A devout (but not crazy) vegetarian for almost 20 years, Molly has literally known Kevin since she was born. Along with her meat-free mantra, Molly’s food interests also include vegan and organic. When Molly is not sniffing out new dessert bakeries, she enjoys long distance running, traveling with her husband Keith and playing with her dog Holiday. Her favorite cuisine is Mediterranean and she is a connoisseur of falafel and hummus.


She Said, He Said

Born with pen in hand, Becca is an award-winning writer and photographer located in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has written for many local publications including The Daily Record, AY Magazine, Rock City Eats, and more. She thinks Virginia Woolf said it best – “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Follow her foodventures on Instagram – @wheresbeccajane.

You Are What You Eat

Lyndi is a food blogger based out of Northwest Arkansas. She is often challenged (but not defeated) by food allergies (wheat, gluten, and dairy), food sensitivities (hard nuts, beans, and dried fruits), and conscience (pork-free and shellfish-free). A self-proclaimed “foodie,” she is always on the quest to learn everything she can about the simplicity of foods… from the ordinary to the best. And she tries her best not to longingly lust after the foods she avoids. She simply chooses to make the best of it! http://nwafoodie.blogspot.com/

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Mal B’s Spots

Mallory is a Little Rock-native who happily dedicates the majority of her time and money to food and drink about town. She’ll be here bringing you something fresh every month about her favorite spots in town.

 The Dish

Kibbey was born and raised in rural Arkansas and now lives in the sprawling Little Rock Metroplex. He enjoys eating food, talking about food, traveling for food, cooking food, thinking about food, and planning his next food, and coffee.