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Chef’s Corner: Cake Making Tips from H-E-B

Chef’s Corner: Cake Making Tips from H-E-B
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Every Friday, we feature a chef’s recipe. Special thanks to Laurie Contreras, Region Merchant–Bakery Division for H-E-B for this week’s contribution!

Here are a few helpful tips to making the perfect cake:

1. To help prevent cakes from sticking to pans: cut a piece of parchment paper and place in the bottom of the pan and spay with a non stick spray.

2. To help prevent crumbs form getting in your icing as you ice your cake, make sure the cake is chilled or partly frozen.

3. To help get a more professional look, ice cakes upside down.

4. Use a cake comb tool so you don’t have to worry about getting your icing smooth. This gives the cake more of a WOW feature.

5. A simple tear drop trim to finish off

*Image and tips provided by representatives of H-E-B