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Unique Randomness: Pizza Craze, Soft Openings, and Burned by BBQ


My random thoughts about anything in the Little Rock food scene and beyond…

Packing the Meat – Is it so wrong to walk into a grocery story, find a $102 piece of meat, stuff it down your pants, and walk out? Apparently so.

Waiting Game – I’m curious … with the boom in destination bbq joints across the country, and with it, insane wait times, how long would you be willing to wait for top-notch ‘cue. 1 hour? 2? 3+? What is your absolute limit? Personally, about 3 hours would be my absolute breaking point, and that would only be for world class bbq. And it would have to be less than 90 degrees outside.

Meat Toss – “Hey, where did you get that second degree burn on your neck?”

Best New Restaurants – Take a list like this one with a grain of salt (no pun intended), but if you’re traveling in the near future, you may want to give it a read and try out a few of these places. I’ve got my eye on Liholiho Yacht Club in San Francisco.

Pizza Pizza – I love pizza just as much as the next guy, but do you feel like Little Rock has become saturated with pizza joints? We have some really good options–Vino’s, Raduno’s, Damgoode, Terry’s, NYPD, Iriana’s, Bruno’s, Capeo, ZAZA (just to name a few)–but I often wonder if they can all make it. Burgers and pizza rule in this market, as they do in other U.S. cities, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see even more places pop up.

Soft Openings – I agree with this. Enough is enough with these soft openings.

Sweet October – D-Walker and I were just talking about how October is a damn busy month in Little Rock. Festivals, shows, events, dinners … you name it and chances are it’s happening in our town. It would be nice to see the love spread out just a bit across the year, rather than load up on a few fall weekends.

Oishi? – I’m not knocking the place because I’ve actually never eaten there, but Oishi is in such a prime location and yet seems to have so little buzz. It’s right on Kavanaugh in the middle of the Heights and I never hear anything about the restaurant. Have you been? How was it? If I go, any particular dish I should order?

Grass Roots Effort – I love the Grass Roots Coop. Please consider joining.

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Unique Randomness: BBQ in Little Rock, Brunch Boom, and T-Bell is at it Again

Pork Butt BBQ at Table 28

Pork Butt BBQ at Table 28

My random thoughts about anything in the Little Rock food scene and beyond…

Le Pop$ — According to my wife (and my Discover account history), I’ve spent over $400 on Le Pops in the past 12 months. I know … a pretty staggering figure, especially when you take into account $6 of that total went to popsicles I actually consumed. Kids!

Prime Real Esate — Anyone else intrigued about what will happen to the space formerly occupied by Acadia? Seems like one of the best locations in town, so I really hope something goes in there that’s fresh and exciting. On that note, will anything ever come of the space-formerly-known-as-Packet-House?

Crazy Q — The best tasting barbeque I’ve spent money on since living in Little Rock has come at South on Main (ribs), Table 28 (pork butt), and Big Orange Midtown (brisket at a whiskey dinner). With all due respect to these restaurants, what’s wrong with this picture? Not one actual barbeque joint makes my top three, mind you, in a southern state with a pig as its mascot. How can this be? Granted, I’ve yet to eat at a few of the popular spots, but I think most of us would agree our barbeque scene is in need of some serious improvement, especially inside the city.

Legitimate Question — Is there another independent bakery in the country located inside a major chain’s grocery store other than Silvek’s in Kroger? I’ve never seen anything like it, not that I’m complaining because I rather enjoy me some Silvek’s. But seriously, have you ever seen such a thing?

Scrapple, Not Scrabble — I noticed on Facebook that Chef Matt Bell and crew were up to some scrapple making, and fortunately, got to try a little bit of it. If you’re brave enough to eat collected bits of organs, it really is a fantastic dish. In case you’re not familiar with the delicacy, here’s everything you need to know about scrapple in one nice little post.

Brunch Time — Is it just me or does brunch seem to be taking off in Little Rock? SO, South on Main, One Eleven, Ira’s Park Hill Grill, YaYa’s, Trio’s, Loca Luna, and Raduno, just to name a few, are all doing a Sunday brunch service.

Taco Bell Never Disappoints — The latest train wreck turns boring old chicken into a useable taco shell. That noise you heard was Daniel Walker peeling out of his driveway to meet his next bout of diarrhea. Dude loves him some T-Bell and my guess is this won’t end well.

Cheeto Fingers — I posed a question over on Facebook about a grocery store happening from this past Sunday. Some dude, midway through his shopping, ripped open a bag of Cheeto Puffs and started chowing down. Fairly disgusted, I went home and wanted to know what readers felt about such an act. Feedback ranged from, “mind your own damn business” to “I crack open a bottle of water in the grocery store all the time.” What’s your take? Was the man with the orange fingers in the wrong or am I too sensitive?

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Unique Randomness

My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • I want to wear one of those J.J. Watt elbow braces….like…all the time.
  • Newsflash: This car is just a tad popular with the locals.
  • Ever seen the people who pull up to a garage sale and get out of their ride? I’m talking about the exact moment when they open the car door and step foot onto the pavement. It’s like watching a ravenous wolf with a bad cowlick.
  • If your car is under $50,000, don’t get vanity plates. In fact, just don’t get vanity plates.
  • Best Quote of the Weekend: “He really just hits the hole…then explodes.” –Sports announcer in reference to Houston Texan Arian Foster’s running.
  • I am addicted to Mio (any flavor). It’s delicious and refreshing.
  • Props to Michael Roberts of Arkansas Foodies for writing this strong piece. I’m guessing he still hasn’t heard back from the guy.
  • My children haven’t “accidentally” kicked or stepped on my nuts in over two months. This is my longest such stretch of time to date.
  • The Main Street Food Truck Festival in Little Rock is this Saturday. Trying my best to make it out. Request: Please food trucks, limit your menu to 2-3 items…that way, every one wins! It all about fast service at these events.


Unique Randomness

My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • I am proud to announce that someone named Solo Dizzle briefly “followed” me on Twitter. Jealous?
  • Please folks…do not post 3-D ultrasound pics on FB. It scares the shit out of me.
  • Do you remember those people in high school who were a little different, but also kinda cool? They grew up, got a cool job, went to cool concerts that only cool people knew about, and drank cool beer. And true to form, when it comes to naming their kids, they always go with cool names. It’s why I’ll inevitably run into a Brunson or Foley or Ashon or Prescott or Miller or Stockton at every birthday party.
  • The “90’s on 9” satellite radio channel is good stuff.
  • Armadillo Update: For those of you following along, I have a rogue armadillo who’s treating itself to Digfest 2012 in my front yard. I’ve sprinkled cayenne pepper and even had the pest control guy come out and treat the lawn. Guess what? The little b*tch showed up again at 5:15 a.m. this morning. I ran out and winged the f*ckstick with a rock. He got away, but a clear message was sent.
  • Arkansas accents are far different from Texas accents.
  • My new most hated show: So You Think You Can Dance.
  • I think Lance Armstrong should be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Sugar Ray’s Every Morning until he tells the truth.
  • For goodness sake 50-year-old Roger Clemens, stop highlighting your hair!
  • I miss those delicious maple, crème-filled cookies from Trader Joe’s.
  • Syd Sounds Off: My 3-year-old’s message to mom as she’s leaving for work this morning: “Goodbye mom. Don’t get naked…and watch your boobies.”

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