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Tip Jar: The Butcher

Sundays are dedicated to giving you a tip…take it or leave it!

The Butcher

Find a good butcher. That’s my tip for the week. It makes a difference. Trust me. This is easier said than done, but they are out there. The cuts of meat are better, the quality of meat is better, the entire process is just better. In Houston, I think it’s very difficult to beat B & W Meat Company. Their prices are very reasonable and I’ve never been disappointed with any purchase. Test it out. Go and just get a pound of ground beef…something simple. Tell me their ground beef doesn’t taste better than a grocery store’s. Find a good meat market where you live and try it out.

B & W Meat Co.
4801 N. Shepherd

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Tip Jar: Cutting Peppers

I’ll give out a tip every Sunday…take it or leave it!

Cutting Peppers

Ever wonder the best, most efficient way to cut a pepper without getting all those little white seeds everywhere? Take the pepper and position it vertically (with the stem facing up). Take a sharp knife…starting next to the stem base, cut downward (curving away from the seeds). Cut all the way to the base of the pepper. Rotate pepper and repeat process. After a few rotations, you should be left with the stem, which holds on to the seeds. Efficient cutting and no mess!

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Tip Jar: Iced Coffee

I’ll give out a quick tip every Sunday…take it or leave it!

Iced Coffee

You made a big pot of coffee in the morning and were able to put down most of it. Several hours later you go to clean out the pot. Wait! Don’t throw that remaining stale, muddy 1/2 cup out. Pour it in a glass, add 1/4 cup milk, ice, and a pinch of sugar substitute. Hello coffee-flavored Yoohoo. It provides a little boost and tastes so good. Plus you’re not being wasteful.


Tip Jar: Farmer’s Market

You’ll get a tip every Sunday…take it or leave it!

Farmer’s Market

More specifically…find a farmer’s market in your vacationing town or city. All the knowledge is there. Why? Because all those people are local and locals know where it’s at. Here’s an ideal concept…you don’t know everything…so ask and listen to the people who do. I chatted it up last week at Sedona’s Farmer’s Market with a dude who makes flax seed. I can’t stand that crap, but the guy was nice and gave me some wonderful things to do on vacation. He recommended that we take a afternoon trip to a small town called Jerome. I listened, we did, and it was the most fun I had on the trip. And I bought a package of his flax seed. Gotta support the little guy!

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