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Black Angus Announces New Home

Black Angus Announces New Home

Black Angus, currently at 10907 N Rodney Parham Road, will soon be getting a new home. And it’s one many are familiar with.

“I’ll be remodeling to occupy the old KFC and current Chi’s near Markham and Van Buren. The Subway, which was the original location of Black Angus, will also be removed. This work will allow parking and a drive-thru,” says owner Karla Creasey.

Black Angus has been at its Rodney Parham location since the 1990’s, but recent lease issues, followed by a notice to vacate, lead Creasey to begin the search for a new location.

“In 1960, Oliver Harper opened Black Angus on the corner of Markham and Van Buren. A lot of people know the history of Black Angus and have followed us from there to University and out to Geyer Springs and over to Cantrell and then to Rodney Parham. As I stood in the kitchen one morning, talking to Ben, telling him how heavy this situation/move felt and grieving for my employees, myself, and the loss of what I love to do, the telephone rang. It was Morris Harper, the son of Oliver Harper, our founder. Morris said, ‘Karla, this is easy. Just go home.'”

And the two got to work.

“Mr. Harper and I have been working closely together to design a plan to remodel the corner of Markham, to make it Black Angus again. This effort is to preserve the restaurant’s 60-year-old identity. We’ve never sold alcohol and we’re closed on Sundays. This effort also includes keeping my drive-thru, and having an open kitchen.”

March 24th is the last day at the Rodney Parham location. And, breathe easy, nothing will change with the menu.

“We will still hand-cut our steaks, freshly patty our burgers, and make our desserts,” says Creasey.

Customers are encouraged to be a little patience with the opening of the new location. Black Angus is hoping the construction and remodel doesn’t take long. The estimated re-open will be in June or July.