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Baja Grill’s Naked Cuban Burrito Hits the Spot

Baja Grill’s Naked Cuban Burrito Hits the Spot
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Whether it was at the old food truck in Benton or in the Heights’ brick-and-mortar location, I’ve always enjoyed the food from Baja Grill. The menu is simple–not bogged down with a ton of items–and the ingredients are always fresh and flavorful.

It had been a few months since my last visit, so when I was looking for a patio to enjoy this great weather and was craving some Cali-Mex food, Baja came to mind. And while I love their tacos and burritos, I was looking to for a tad lighter lunch and opted for the Naked Cuban Burrito.

Before I get into the taste of this dish, let me back things up a bit. Baja’s collection of tacos can all be turned into burritos. Example…the Cuban Taco consists of:  “Slow-smoked shredded pork topped with Chipotle aioli, a sour orange red cabbage-jicama slaw, fresco cheese and avocado.” Well, guess what? All of those ingredients can be stuffed into a large flour tortilla (along with rice and beans) and topped with queso blanco to make the Cuban Burrito.

But Baja Grill goes one step further. You can order the burrito “naked,” which means no tortilla, with everything else placed in a bowl. This is what I ordered last week, and I can tell you without hesitation it was fantastic. It was also a lot of food, so much, in fact, that I was unable to finish the bowl.

What I love most about Baja Grill is their ability to marry ingredients that are just so fresh and vibrant. In the case of the Naked Cuban, the tender pork, slightly sour slaw, and creamy avocado and cheese sauce are all perfect together. It’s also a well-known fact that dumping a little queso blanco on top of things makes any dish taste better.

All and all, you’re talking about a $10.50 lunch that’s about as satisfying as it gets. And let’s not forget about Baja’s awesome patio, which is hard to beat, especially this time of year.

Baja Grill
5923 Kavanaugh Blvd.
(501) 722-8920
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9p; Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm; Closed Sunday