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Arkansas Ketchup Co. is Just About Ready

Arkansas Ketchup Co. is Just About Ready
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Good news … a local ketchup-maker is about to release its product in the very near future. Better news … it’s pretty damn good.

Arkansas Ketchup Co. is hoping to have its unique ketchup ready for sale by this June. Owners John Crowley and Amber Davis-Tanner have created a slightly sweet, tangy, and spicy ketchup that is quite delicious.

But why on earth would you get into the ketchup business? Glad you asked.

Says Crowley, “Amber went to Oregon for vacation in 2016 and noticed that there were several companies making ketchup in Oregon. She always loved Arkansas tomatoes and wondered why no one was making ketchup out of Arkansas tomatoes. She told me about the experience, and I pestered her to pursue it and pushed her over the edge to start fiddling with recipes.”

After sampling a test batch John brought over, I can tell you this isn’t your typical store-bought ketchup. The deep maroon color and intense tomato taste are just a couple traits that really separate it from other ketchups on the market.

“You can really taste the tomatoes in the ketchup. It also doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup or odd chemicals. Moreover, it’s not just ketchup. It’s a sauce you can put on anything you can think of. People have reported putting it on everything from eggs to fried rice to pork chops,” says Crowley.

Yes, this ketchup is versatile. I’ve eaten it on brats, eggs, baked potatoes, and, of course, French fries. Simply put … I love it, my wife loves it, and the kids love it. In June, it will be available to purchase on the website at $6 per 12-ounce bottle, with the hope of getting the ketchup in several locally-owned stores and restaurants in Little Rock.

In the meantime, go check out their Kickstarter campaign, where funds will be used to make the first official batch of Arkansas tomato ketchup. Says Crowley, “Up until now, we’ve been refining our process with tomatoes out of Florida and honey from Amber’s grandfather, Hillcrest Honey, and a few other places. We will be using the funds from the Kickstarter to buy a lot of great, vine-ripened, Arkansas tomatoes and honey.”

Here’s hoping it’s a big success.