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50 Places in Little Rock Open on Sunday Night

50 Places in Little Rock Open on Sunday Night
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“There are no places in Little Rock open on Sunday night!”

Sound familiar? Don’t feel bad. I’ve said that statement many times. But fear not, I did a little research and found 50 restaurants that put to rest the notion that no one is open. They are certainly not the only restaurants open on Sunday evenings, but 50 is a good start. If you know others, please send me a message and I’ll gladly add them to the list.

Check out these places…

A.W. Lin’s 11a-9:30p
Al Seraj 11a-7p
Arthur’s 5p-9p
Big Orange Midtown 11a-10p
Big Orange West 11a-9p
Buffalo Grill 11a-9p
Cantina Laredo 11a-9p
Capital Bar & Grill 11a-10p
Casa Manana 9a-9p
Chicago’s 12p-7p
Chi’s Dimsum & Bistro 11a-10p
Cinco de Mayo 11a-10p
El Palenque 10a-7p
El Torito 8a-1op
Eliella 10:30a-1:45a
Fantastic China 5p-9:30p
Flyway Brewing 12p-9p
Four Quarter Bar 3p-1:30am
Franke’s Cafeteria (WLR) 10:45a-8p
Gus’s Fried Chicken 11a-9p
Heights Taco & Tamale Co. 11a-10p
Hibernia 11a-10p
Istanbul 11a-7p
Kemuri 4:30p-9p
Khalil’s Pub & Grill 3p-12a
Kiyen’s 12p-9p
Loca Luna 5:30p-9p
Local Lime 11a-9p
Lost Forty 10a-9p
Markham Street Grill & Pub 11a-10p
Mike’s Cafe 11a-9p
Mr. Chen’s 11a-9p
Mt. Fuji 5p-10p
Mylo Coffee Co. 7a-7p
NYPD Pizza 11a-9p
Pho Thanh My 11a-9p
Pizza Café (both locations) 11a-9p
Rebel Kettle 11a-8p
Riviera Maya 11a-10p
Skinny J’s 10a-9p
Sky Modern Japanese 5p-9p
SO 4p-10p
Star of India 5p-10p
Sushi Café Heights 5p-9:30p
Taj Mahal 5p-10p
Taqueria Karina 10:30a-10p
Taziki’s (all locations) 11a-8p
The Butcher Shop 5p-9p
The Faded Rose 11a-10p
The Fold 11a-10p
The Pizzeria 5p-10p
Town Pump 11am-2am
Vino’s 11a-11p
YaYa’s 10a-9p
Zangna Thai 4:30p-9p
ZAZA 10:30a-9p