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5 Dishes You Need to Know

5 Dishes You Need to Know
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Some dishes more than others keep sneaking back into my old memory bank. Simply put, I really enjoy them, so I thought you might like to be made aware of their greatness, just in case you have yet to try…

Carne Asada con Frijoles at Rosalinda’s

You could make an argument (or at last I could) that this is one of the best dishes in the entire area. A thin steak is paired with a side of rice and beans, avocado, and those sweet, delicious plantains. There are so many wonderful plates of food at Rosalinda’s, from the pupusas to the shrimp soup to the enchiladas, but the carne asada is the crown jewel.

Wings at South on Main

As far as I know, the wings aren’t even on the current menu at South on Main, which probably means they’re pissed I’m even mentioning them. Anyways, I think at one time they showed up for a brief period on the bar menu. It’s worth reaching out to the restaurant to see if they can bring them back for a night or 10. If I remember correctly, Chef Bell marinates the wings in mayo (yes, mayo!?!?), then blasts them in the deep fryer. The result is this perfectly crisp wing with a juicy interior.

Jalapeno Cheddar Tots at Ciao Baci

These house-made monster tots come with ranch and are so freaking good. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know of any other place in town that attempts to make their own tots. Granted, I love frozen tots just as much as the next guy but fresh ones are a whole lot better. Make sure to grab an order of these at Ciao Baci. You won’t regret it.

Fajitas at El Torito

Is it just me or do fajitas seem to be a little out of style? It’s hard to find a good plate of them in this area, but you won’t be disappointed with the sizzling beef and shrimp offering at El Torito. Not familiar with El T? It’s the grocery store/taqueria on Bowman near Whole Foods.

Chicken Tikka at Star of India

I had this dish for the first time last year during Star of India’s dinner service and I just can’t get it out of my head, mainly because the big chunks of chicken were just so well seasoned, tender, and super juicy. Don’t me wrong, I also enjoy the chicken tikka masala, but if you’re looking for a slightly lighter dish, the chicken tikka is on point.